Marketing support: where to get the materials, the designer help, and the site’s SEO?

25 April, 2018
Kirill Yakynin

In April, we structured the marketing support we render, added a detailed description of each aspect, updated the materials, and transferred the entire section to my.gurtam. com. Today we’ll share the reason why and how to use it.

It comes in handy

My.gurtam. com is not meant to download marketing materials only – it is an excellent tool for interaction with Gurtam marketing department. We offer:

  • Intuitive navigation: get marketing materials, designer and SEO support simply switching between several tabs;

  • Shortcut to editable materials: save you time and get the access to the files in Google Slides format through direct links; 

  • “My documents” personal folder: create your own marketing materials library here; 

  • Up-to-date information: get the notifications on the materials update; 

  • PR within Gurtam community: tell about the way you use Wialon and become the hero of our blog, social media, and newsletters.


A new section consists of three subsections: 

  • “Marketing support”

  • “Catalogue”

  • “My documents”

It comes in handy

“Marketing support” 

Here you will discover:

  • How to get ready-made marketing materials in different formats and order new ones according to specific project requirements;

  • How to launch and promote the website with constant Gurtam support;

  • How to get the booth or banner design or to brand the exhibition materials; 

  • How to share your Wialon projects with 13,000 subscribers for 10 minutes. 

Here you will also find the request form for Gurtam marketing support. 


This subsection contains the marketing materials that we work with during international exhibitions and conferences. Here you will easily find the needed document:

  • Each file comes with the detailed description, table of contents and is available for download in several formats.  

  • You can filter the entire list by tags and categories to focus on the materials you actually need.

  • The marketing materials in the editable format are available under the separate link: all that is left to do is to copy the selected file on Google Drive, edit and save it in the needed format. The how-to-do-it guide is on my.gurtam. com.  

It comes in handy

“My documents”

If you use certain materials from “Catalogue” more often than others, add them to “My documents”. In this subsection you will find displayed:

  • Selected materials: you won’t have to search for leaflets, brochures, and presentations in catalogue each time you need them –  download them in this subsection with just one click.

  • Materials being developed: monitor the status of the materials you ordered from Gurtam for the specific project. 

At all steps, we will instruct you, help you to handle new tools, and speed up the cooperation with Gurtam marketing department.

Accessing information

Remember that the top account owner can limit the visibility of the my.gurtam. com sections for lower-ranked users. This rule can also be applied to the marketing support section – the marketing specialist works with marketing materials but doesn’t have access to the financial data, for instance.

IMPORTANT! Marketing support section is available by default only for users having full access rights to my.gurtam. com. The rest will need additional access rights.

What will be left on 

On gurtam. com in “Marketing” section you can as before:

  • Sign up for the market and company news;

  • Find out the general statistics on marketing support for the last year;

  • Watch the video and read the information on the annual partner conference in Minsk;

  • Get to know the industry events that Gurtam team is planning to visit this year.

Thanks to the transfer of the marketing support section to the resource with limited access, the my.gurtam. com users get the expanded information, direct links to the materials and quick feedback. Check out my.gurtam. com, order the marketing support, and see for yourself.

Kirill Yakynin
Kirill Yakynin
Kirill is the Brand Manager at Gurtam. He maintains brand integrity across all the company’s marketing initiatives and communications and ensures that Gurtam products resonate with current and potential customers.


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