Telematics 2018: days to remember

30 August, 2018
Olga Voytikhovich

Four epic days of Telematics 2018 partner conference are over. Everyone safely made it home, and now we can look back and recollect the event as it was yesterday.

Training Day

This year, a non-official day of the conference was dedicated to the training sessions on different topics. The intense training program covered Wialon modules and solutions (NimBus, Logistics, etc.), SDK developments, sales, marketing, and much more. Find these training sessions on our YouTube channel.

Training Day

When everybody arrived at Gurtam Headquarters “Around Gurtam in two days” quest began. It gave a unique chance to meet not only business development managers but technical support, marketing, hardware specialists, and developers in person. Many of our most responsible partners visited six departments (as it was the rule of the game), talked to people working there, and got presents from the company already on that day.

Training Day

But that was just the beginning…

Conference Day 1

The next day, the venue moved from Gurtam office to the conference hall of Beijing Hotel. The opening speech by Olga Filonchuk, Head of Business Development (Europe, Africa, APAC), inspired the guests and us for hard work. Before lunch, we got to know almost everything about Wialon Hosting and Local, web and mobile applications. 

Business Analyst Tatsiana Kots and Quality Assurance Engineer Pavel Chabai shared:

  • Wialon Hosting one-year results and interesting statistics; 

  • problems the team faced throughout the year and the ways they solved them;

  • plans and directions for Wialon development.

Did you know that 200 newly supported types of devices brought us 30,000 new units? Or that 92% of all executed reports are built with only 20 tables out of 150?

Training Day

Aleksey Shmihelski, Head of Apps Group, told the participants about the development process in his team and how much time it usually takes and why. All that with a slight focus on flagship apps – how Logistics benefits from Google Maps, and what's there in NimBus for passengers.  On top of that, he talked a little about new apps by Gurtam for maintenance and agro spheres and asked the audience to help out by submitting their suggestions and taking part in testing. 

Besides, the partners spent an hour learning about a new product by Gurtam. Zahar Poletaev, Commercial Analyst, prepared a presentation about it.

Training Day

And after lunch, it was workshops time. We organized a whole range of them so that everyone could select the one they need and share their best practices there. The topics varied from new apps by Gurtam and good old solutions to technical support issues, mobile development, partners’ marketing and sales processes. We dare to hope that a new working format was useful for our partners and brought many valuable insights.

Training Day

The dinner in a friendly and cozy atmosphere finished the day. Everyone could enjoy a nice company with newly gained partners and acquaintances, talk business or just relax and try delicious meals. 

Conference Day 2

The program for the second conference day was even more packed than the day before. 

Aliaksandr Kuushynau, Head of Wialon Division, presented a one-year overview showing the company’s progress over the last 12 months:

  • Distribution of units across the continents and countries with the largest markets still being Russia plus the CIS (1,000,000 units) and Latin America (170,000 units).Training Day

  • The total number of countries having Wialon-connected vehicles used daily grew to 158!

Partners’ presentations began already at 9.50 in the morning. There were twenty of them! We discussed everything from concrete mixer trucks monitoring to agro solutions. But Orlando Monagas from Golden M (Panama) was voted the best speaker. He presented Goffice, the suite of tools aimed at making the work with Wialon more comfortable. For example, there are special templates for geofence creation.

Training Day

Hardware manufacturers expo started that day as well. All those wishing to learn the latest hardware developments or find equipment for a new project could study the manufacturers’ expositions, test the samples, and make a decision. Jointech, BCE, Teltonika, Galileosky, and other manufacturers were so great at communicating with the partners that the latter were even reluctant to return to the conference hall after a break – they dived very deep into the hardware ocean and didn’t want to come back.

Manufacturers prepared presentations as well. You can find them on together with presentations by our partners.

Training Day

While taking a traditional group picture, we couldn’t get the photographer to embrace all of the participants. That’s why the drone turned out to be an excellent idea. It took the picture from a bird’s eye view. And if someone asks you if Gurtam community is growing, show them this photo:

Training Day

Then there was another portion of the workshops. Here, our guests could learn more about video in Wialon, mapping, and not just that. 

By the end of the day, people were looking forward to Gala Party which topic was the pop culture of the 80’s: weird fashion, neon colors, rock- and pop-stars of that period, dances in swimsuits, crazy glasses... 

Training Day

But you probably know what was the highlight of the evening. We are talking now about Wialon TOP 50 Global award ceremony! We honored the partners who made it to the main community rating. Based on its results, Gurtam partners from all over the world got gold, silver, and bronze statuses. New ambitious companies broke into the rating but the leaders are the leaders: it’s not an easy thing to outplay them!

Training Day

Doors Open Day

Last but not least was the day when partners could drop by any Gurtam department to resolve their burning concerns or just witness our usual working process. We hope you used this opportunity to the fullest! 

The specialists from BCE, Streamax, and Jointech made the end of the conference even more fruitful by organizing their own training sessions. We learned how to work with BCE equipment, use Jointech E-locks and trackers, and other useful tips.

We were so happy to meet our partners here in Minsk! You made the Telematics conference absolutely fantastic: new solutions, projects, and partnerships were born here in these four days. None of it would be possible if not your efforts, knowledge, and willingness to visit us and share your experience! Thank you!

Presentations and training sessions by Gurtam experts as well as presentations by our partners are available on our Youtube channel. Let us know if they were useful for you and you want to experience something of the kind during Telematics 2019: write at

And see you at Telematics 2019!

Olga Voytikhovich
Olga Voytikhovich
Olga is a content editor at Gurtam. She proofreads and reviews other authors' materials, also writes about Gurtam products, presents partner use cases in the best way possible, and tells about the system updates. In fact, Olga helps out with the content of almost all Gurtam resources.


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