Telematics hardware for public transportation: use cases on Wialon [Gurtam meetups]

20 July, 2020
Olga Voytikhovich

Public transportation is one of the domains that were most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. However, at the moment, little by little the situation is getting better, and the projects that have previously been frozen are being resumed.

Telematics hardware is extremely important for any project let alone the one dealing with people’s safety and in general with transporting people. Besides, telematics companies come up with different solutions in different countries. That's why on July 23, we are holding the ‘Telematics hardware for public transportation: use cases on Wialon’ panel discussion. 

Topics to cover:

  • Successful use cases for passenger transportation companies in different countries
  • Telematics and IoT devices helping to deliver these projects
  • Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and the specifics of their implementation in public transportation
  • NimBus – the solution for passenger transportation management by Gurtam

Who would benefit from the discussion:

  • Wialon partners who are already working with the clients in the public transportation sphere;
  • Companies that plan on entering this niche.

Gurtam meetup experts

  • Leon Zhu, Product Director, Howen
  • Anatolii Tagirov, CEO, Bitrek GPS
  • Sergey Govorunov, Wialon Implementation Consultant, Gurtam

Gurtam meetup moderator

Moderator: Kseniya Dolia, Technology Partners Community Manager, Gurtam

Date and time: July 23, 5 p.m. (GMT+3)

Language: English

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Olga Voytikhovich
Olga Voytikhovich
Olga is a content editor at Gurtam. She proofreads and reviews other authors' materials, also writes about Gurtam products, presents partner use cases in the best way possible, and tells about the system updates. In fact, Olga helps out with the content of almost all Gurtam resources.


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