Gurtam meetups: the best of the first season

13 October, 2020
Alena Kashkevich

The members of the Wialon community are together despite self-isolation and closed borders. We still support one another, share valuable ideas, and give useful pieces of advice, albeit in an online format. For 6 months, we have been communicating at the Gurtam meetups weekly. We are grateful to our partners who shared their experience with the Wialon community. We also say a big thank you to the audience, who showed interest in our discussions and asked questions. Now, after the first season of meetups is over, we would like to share with you the most popular videos of our online meetings.

1. Personal monitoring with WiaTag. New opportunities during COVID-19 times

WiaTag is a very flexible solution for personal monitoring. Andrei Liatsetski, the Wialon Implementation Consultant at Gurtam, proves that by revealing the new ways of app’s usage in the pandemic times. From the video, you will also learn how to set up and configure WiaTag and how you can leverage the advantages of the WiaTagKit library.

2. Distance Tag. New personal monitoring app by Gurtam

Distance Tag is a truly anti-crisis app by Gurtam. It has an easy-to-use interface and provides strict personal monitoring capabilities, which is in demand during the COVID-19 pandemic. The app can be used not only to track the infected people but is also appropriate for other spheres such as safety, corporate monitoring, and correctional facilities. You can learn almost everything you need about Distance Tag from this meetup: from its setup to use cases.

3. Immediate coronavirus effect on telematics

During this meetup, our partners shared their predictions about the future of telematics. They discussed the new opportunities that emerged as a result of the crisis and named the solutions and approaches that are likely to be in demand at the times of the pandemic and after it. Our speakers also shared how their companies adapt to the changing circumstances.

4. Refocusing for hardware and connectivity: how COVID-2019 is changing telematics

Searching for an escape from the negative effects of the pandemic, we talked a lot with our partners about the impact that COVID-19 has on telematics. This time, we asked the hardware manufacturers how their companies adjust to the rapidly changing situation and what new market opportunities and niches open up for them. 

5. Telematics hardware for public transportation: use cases on Wialon

Wialon is a telematics and IoT monitoring platform that allows creating diverse solutions for virtually any business sphere. At this meetup, our partners discussed the most successful projects for the tracking of public transport implemented in several countries. They talked about state-of-the-art IoT devices, advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), and NimBus – the Wialon-based solution for passenger transportation management.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in our weekly online discussions during the first season. In the meantime, on October 15, a new meetups season starts! Follow its schedule on the dedicated page

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Alena Kashkevich
Alena Kashkevich
Alena is a Senior Copywriter at Gurtam. Her posts are always packed with data and real-life examples that Wialon partners can put straight into action.


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