Wialon: top 5 partner use cases in 2019

17 January, 2020
Alexandra Solonaya
Wialon: top 5 partner use cases

In this article, we collected the five use cases that happened to be the most popular with the readers of the English version of the Gurtam blog in 2019. Driver’s work-rest schedule, minor offenders monitoring, school buses, and whatnot were in the focus of our partners’ attention last year. All these projects prove once again that anything is possible with Wialon.

The criterion used was the number of views per each use case. Read ahead to know more.

#5. Tire exploitation management

#5. Tire exploitation management

We start our top with the solution that handles the tire exploitation monitoring.

Geoservice, the Wialon integrator from Russia, developed this project for Tyreman Group, which specializes in tire life-saving technologies and equips machinery in open casts and pits throughout Russia.

Geoservice’s experts created a specialized interface for tires monitoring – Tyres Admin. They also equipped the machinery with tire pressure and temperature sensors by Pressure Pro. The monitoring system processes the received data and sends them to this interface for the dispatcher to monitor the tires state in real-time and the percentage of the properly operating sensors.

The solution allows for increasing the operation time of each tire by up to 30% as well as cutting fuel consumption.

#4. Tracking driver fatigue with Wialon

#5. Tire exploitation management

Here we have the project from Azerbaijan on monitoring the LafargeHolcim drivers’ work-rest schedule. LafargeHolcim is the global leader in the production of construction materials. The company needed to track drivers’ rest and work periods in the process of concrete delivery to prevent human and financial losses. 

Our partner A+A Security offered the Wialon-based solution without the tachograph! With the Wialon SDK, they developed an app where the client can build daily and weekly reports on working hours by drivers/vehicles, get notifications, and the statistics on violations by each driver or group of drivers. Ruptela FM Eco4 installed in the driver’s compartment provides the data, and the driver uses the iButton option to identify himself in the system. Simple yet effective!

#3. Offender monitoring in Mexico

#5. Tire exploitation management

The third by the number of views was the Wialon use case from Mexico, showing how to ensure the location of minor offenders when they are out of jail on parole. 

The authorities of Nuevo León state wanted to remotely control more than 500 offenders (they were supposed to stay within a permitted area), save money of taxpayers on extra bed in prison, and ensure security in neighborhoods.

Lertek, our partner from Mexico, offered the GPS tracking solution from Gosafe: a home beacon, an ankle bracelet with an RFID tag, and LBS as a secondary location source. A probationer wears an electronic bracelet, aka personal tracker, home beacon remotely reads an RFID-tag to make sure that a probationer stays inside. If the person needs to go outside, Lertek creates geofences in Wialon to keep him within the specified territory.

#2. Monitoring of school buses with BusOkay

#5. Tire exploitation management

We are almost at the top of our list, and the second position goes to BusOkay success story. The solution by Albasmart helps to solve the problem of student transportation in India. 

As it’s quite difficult for school authorities to manage transport operations, our Indian partner offered the Wialon-based application with the web interface for school administration and mobile apps for drivers and students’ parents.

Wialon sources the monitoring data. The system receives information from trackers and additional equipment, processes it, and sends it to BusOkay via API. It is usually data on movements, driving quality, RFID-tags, video. BusOkay becomes a basis for route planning, building, and optimization, while parents can rest assured that their children made it safely to school.

#1. Taxi monitoring in Moscow

#5. Tire exploitation management

The project by Expert Telematics from Russia tops the rating of the most popular use cases for the last year. Here we are talking about taxi monitoring. The solution was delivered for the company that leases its vehicles to taxi pools.

The customer wanted to monitor its vehicles for several years: have access to controlling all the vehicle’s elements (headlights, doors, engine, etc.). Routing, sensors parameters analysis, working with geofences were also among the client’s requirements. Plus, there was the problem of car theft attempts.

The solution that Expert Telematics provided was based on the use of Wialon and Galileosky 7.0 Lite trackers, and managed to meet all the requirements. The integration with the security company software made it possible for the dispatcher to send and receive alert notifications to be able to kill the engine remotely and call for special people to deter the thieves.

Apart from that, any event, registered in the system as an alarming one (car battery discharge, connection loss), triggers the alert notification. After being processed in Wialon, the entire data set from the vehicle is presented to the client in the form of the report.

In a year, we’ll come up with a new top for sure. But to do so, we need your success stories! Send them to us at marketing@gurtam.com, and we’ll publish them on the blog so that the community could have a final word in it. At the end of 2020, we will sum up the results.

Alexandra Solonaya
Alexandra Solonaya
Alexandra is the contributor to the Gurtam blog. She creates all kinds of content to deliver value to the Wialon partner community via articles, use cases, and informational materials.


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