Update: what’s new in September 2019?

4 October, 2019
Olga Voytikhovich

Today, we are summing up the results for the past month: read the article and explore Wialon Hosting, NimBus, Hecterra, Fleetrun and Wialon app new features overview.

Wialon Hosting

Improved fuel consumption calculations

The order of filtration and smoothing for fuel consumption was changed. It will increase the calculation accuracy. 

For example, previously, when using the “Detect fuel fillings only while stopped” option, the messages that were not related to the stop were being filtered first. Then it was time for smoothing. As over 100 messages from both ends from the message being smoothed can take part in the process, we could get unreliable values at the beginning and at the end of the stop’s interval.

Now, to avoid this and get the precise graph of fuel consumption, the smoothing algorithm is applied first, and only after it the stop’s intervals are filtered.

Dashboard mode for the monitoring panel

To make the user experience smoother, we added the Dashboard mode for the monitoring panel. It allows viewing the fleet key characteristics in the form of charts. Thus, the data becomes more visually compelling and easy-to-grasp. Take notice that this mode is turned on by default for the users with the working list of 100 units and more. The service is available for top users only. They can turn it on for sub-dealer accounts in the account settings. 

Wialon Hosting

Description for Notifications and Jobs

A new field for description was added to Notifications and Jobs. Its content will be displayed in the tooltip on a job or notification hover.

Use this field for notes and explanations of why, for example, these entities were created.

Wialon Hosting

New interface color scheme

The new “City animation” design was added to the list of default color schemes for Wialon Hosting. Now you have even more opportunities to customize the system.

Wialon Hosting

There is a special topic where the Gurtam forum users can learn about the new Wialon Hosting features. Get registered if you haven’t done it yet.


Bulk operations with schedules 

We added the option of editing several selected schedules or all schedules at the same time: editing operation patterns, assigning a unit to a schedule, simultaneous deleting of all the schedules imported by mistake.

Wialon Hosting

Server notifications

Now there is an opportunity to send notifications to external servers on the following events:

  • ride started;
  • stop entered;
  • stop left;
  • stop skipped
  • leave track.

Note that only the user with administrator rights can configure these notifications on the Administration tab.

Wialon Hosting

Visit our forum and discover more about NimBus.


Fuel consumption by Math

Normally, when the unit has a number of configured fuel sensors, the fuel consumption values are taken from the Consumed column of the Statistics table in Wialon. But if there are no configured fuel sensors, we added the option of using the “Consumed by Math” column value.

More details on the Hecterra new features are in this topic.


Bulk creation of services and intervals

For Fleetrun, we added the option of creating services and intervals for several units simultaneously. This feature helps when several units are taken to the vehicle service station for replacing summer tires for winter ones, for example. Now, to record this data in the system, activate the “Bulk operations” mode, select necessary units, and create a service or an interval for all of them at a time.

Wialon Hosting

Find more details on the Fleetrun new features in this topic.

Wialon app for iOS and Android

We rolled out the new version of the app at the end of August. Since that time, we’ve been receiving the users’ valuable feedback that we greatly appreciate! With the last update, we did our best to consider the most frequent comments:

New “old” screen with the unit info

We got back to the old screen for working with the unit info and events history. There are some minor design changes though.

Wialon Hosting

Report templates search 

Now, if you have multiple templates to select from, it’s easier to find a necessary one as we created the search field for them. Save your time and find a needed template right away.

Wialon Hosting

The fields values copying

If you need to copy the value of any field on the unit info tab, long tap on the corresponding field will help. Thus, you will save the needed information to the clipboard be it the phone number or the tracker ID. 

More details on Wialon app updates are on the Gurtam forum.

In a month, we will prepare the review of October features. Meanwhile, feel free to try and test the new functionality of the platform and apps and leave your comments on the Gurtam forum as well.

Olga Voytikhovich
Olga Voytikhovich
Olga is a content editor at Gurtam. She proofreads and reviews other authors' materials, also writes about Gurtam products, presents partner use cases in the best way possible, and tells about the system updates. In fact, Olga helps out with the content of almost all Gurtam resources.


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