Updated my.gurtam.com: one step closer to partners’ CRM

3 May, 2019
Kirill Yakynin

At Gurtam we reach our partners by providing a personalized experience. Starting with all types of technical and commercial support, ending with special tools to automate the interaction with Gurtam.

In late 2016, we released my.gurtam.com as a simple service to ease communication between Gurtam and partners. Generally, this was about managing payments, documents, and requesting new modules. In the following year, we continued developing my.gurtam.com, but the past year was especially replete with new features. 

Today we’ll discuss new opportunities to manage dealers, current and potential clients; Wialon TOP 50 Global, adaptive mobile interface, and more. 

Company profile

Imagine, we got a line on the large-scale project in your region and want to share the information with you. How shall we contact you? Do you have an office in the region? Who is a project manager for GPS tracking?

You can now specify all the info in the “Profile” section on my.gurtam.com. Here are the updated tabs:

Company. Enter company name, country, region, city, address, phone, e-mail, website, logo, social network links, and comments. The more points of contact we have, the faster we address issues.  

Offices. Here, you can specify your offices for us to contact your employees from a particular region. Do not ignore the tab – the offices will soon appear on the partners’ map on wialon.com. It makes it easier for end-users to find you.  

Staff. Earlier we added user hierarchy to my.gurtam.com. It means that you can give employees access to individual sections of the service subject to their job positions. Accounting staff manages payments, while commercial guys access marketing support. 

Now you can tell us more about the people we work with. In the tab, you can enter the name, job position, phone, e-mail, Skype, add a photo, links to social networks, birthday, comment or inform us of his dismissal. 

Dealers and Clients. Develop your dealer network with my.gurtam.com. Partners’ dealers and clients are many, and now you can register them all on your Personal Account.    

Company profile


The successes of Gurtam partners determine our growth. The same applies to direct partners and dealers. That’s why we expand the opportunities for dealers on my.gurtam.com and grant access to the service. Even if you work with Gurtam through our partners, you can now receive notifications, request marketing support, learn more about TelematiX, and manage end-users.

We have already started to create accounts for dealers, but if you still don’t have it – contact us at sales@gurtam.com

Potential clients

Here you deal with leads at every stage, from the request to signing the contract. Earlier, you could only work with clients forwarded by Gurtam. In the updated version, we allow working with end-users sourced from anywhere. 

It’s an excellent chance to store all leads in one place and create a single client management system. Here, you can add their addresses, website, contact person, comment, and plan further communications. 

Whether you have 10 or 100 potential clients, managing them is equally convenient. We added sorting by request status, date of receipt, and next activity date. Plus, we added filtration by a project manager and next activity date.    

As of today, our partners switched 1200 potential clients to “sale won” status on my.gurtam.com.  

Company profile

White label request

In this section, you can request a personalized interface for our iOS/Android, web apps snd products to use them under another brand. For the past year, we transferred the whole process to my.gurtam.com

  1. Fill in the request form – our Business Development Manager will contact you to clarify the details. 
  2. Track work progress.
  3. Download iOS/Android apps or enjoy the new design of web interfaces at once.  

Follow three simple steps to power up your brand. 

Company profile

Wialon TOP 50 Global 

Feel the heartbeat of Gurtam community – check the updated rating of most rapidly developing partners every month. Kindly remind, that in June, we freeze the rating not to cut out the intrigue before the award ceremony at TelematiX in Minsk.   

Access from mobile devices

We developed an adaptive interface for mobile devices – smartphones and tablets become as handy for browsing my.gurtam.com as your laptop.  

Company profile

We hope active users of Personal Account drew some valuable insights. Others – authorize in my.gurtam.com and enjoy. Apart from the features discussed above, you can request marketing support, receive notifications from Gurtam, manage payments and modules, and employ other tools to interact with Gurtam.  

Kirill Yakynin
Kirill Yakynin
Kirill is the Brand Manager at Gurtam. He maintains brand integrity across all the company’s marketing initiatives and communications and ensures that Gurtam products resonate with current and potential customers.


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