Updates: what’s new in Wialon in August 2023

13 September, 2023
Alena Kalionava

We're excited to bring you the latest Wialon updates released in August 2023. In this article, we'll tell you about UI enhancements, improvements for video, notifications, and other parts of the system.


Watching live streams on the Monitoring tab

Users can now view live streams from vehicle cameras directly on the Monitoring tab. This feature allows them to access comprehensive information about the vehicle in one place, including its movement on the map and sensor values. Additionally, users can now effortlessly watch live streams from multiple vehicles simultaneously.

Watching live streams on the Monitoring tab

Live stream playing on the Monitoring tab


Improved functionality for off-time notifications

We have enhanced the data processing algorithm for notifications used to monitor the vehicle off time. The maximum off time value is now set to 30 days. With this update, users can keep track of longer off-time events, without having to set up additional notifications, jobs, sensors, and so on.

Furthermore, we’ve made interface refinements and implemented new field validation logic ensuring that users will receive error messages if they enter incorrect data.


Information about added and deleted units

We’ve introduced the capability to monitor the dynamics of added and deleted units within a specific period in the CMS. This information is now conveniently presented in the form of a graph in the Units section of the Dashboard. Thanks to this, users can effortlessly analyze how the number of units changes over the desired period.

Information about added and deleted units

A chart displaying the changes in unit number by categories

User experience

Enhanced color indication for online notifications

The online notifications, including those on the minimaps, now have better color indication. Notably, the color indicator on the notification has become bigger and thus easier to see. The row background aligns with the indicator color, but is more transparent. Furthermore, unread notifications are now marked with a plain blue dot, rather than a background color.

Enhanced color indication for online notifications

New color indication for online notifications

Other updates

List of available parameters for speed determination

Recently we’ve added the capability to use alternative speed sources across the system. To simplify the selection process and minimize the risk of inputting incorrect values, we've introduced a dropdown list of speed parameters available for the device. The list is dynamic and specific to each unit.

This update doesn't exclude the possibility of manual input — users can still enter the required parameter themselves.

List of available parameters for speed determinationA dropdown list of speed parameters in the unit properties

New 10-point system for rating the quality of driving

We've replaced the 6-point rating system used in the Eco driving reports with a more user-friendly 10-point system. The underlying mathematical formula for converting penalty points into scores has remained unchanged.

Nanosecond support in reports and charts

Charts on the Messages and Reports tabs can now display event times with precision down to the nanosecond. This level of detail is especially beneficial for incident analysis.

The nanosecond timing is applied when the tracker sends messages in this format.

Nanosecond support in reports and chartsA chart on the Messages tab displaying data with nanosecond precision

Have you had the opportunity to test out the new functionality in Wialon? We eagerly await your feedback on our forum. Make sure to sign up for the blog notifications to be among the first to receive Wialon updates and other exciting news about the product.

Alena Kalionava
Alena Kalionava
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