Updates: what’s new in January 2022

16 February, 2022
Aliaksandra Makarevich

We’re starting the year with some useful improvements in Wialon Hosting. First, we’ve added a new Images column in reports on units, unit groups, geofences, and groups of geofences. Second, video markers are now available directly on the map for easy search and viewing of a video recording. 

Wialon Hosting

More options for images in reports

The upgrade will be interesting primarily to those clients who need photo proofs in their work: delivery services, waste management companies, retailers. They usually need photos to track certain events: who didn’t collect garbage on time, who delivered the order to the wrong address, and so on.

Previously, they had to generate a report for each unit that visited the geofence and check all the photos to find the necessary one. 

Now we’ve added a new Images column in reports on unit groups, geofences, and groups of geofences.en images

The report groups and links photos to a certain event depending on the time they were received on the server. 

Even if you have dozens of garbage trucks or hundreds of merchandisers, you can request a report on a particular garbage site or store to learn who was working there and what the work looked like on the photo. 

You can save separate images or all of them on your PC. An image contains data about the time and address where it was taken. A report provides the same information as well.

Video markers

A marker is a special icon; its design informs about an event (for example, fuel theft), while its location on the map indicates where the event happened.

This time, we have worked on video markers. When a video file is saved automatically or manually, a special icon marks where the video was recorded.


For example, you replay the previous 24 hours of the footage and find a one-minute episode with a driver exceeding the speed limit. You save this video fragment. If you build a track on the Tracks tab or create a report, this video fragment will be displayed in the form of a marker.

By clicking on the marker, you can watch the video and check when, where, and with what tag it was saved.

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Aliaksandra Makarevich
Aliaksandra Makarevich
Aliaksandra is a Content Marketer at Gurtam, with 3+ years of content-related experience in publishing houses and international tech companies. She has now switched to topics associated with telematics and IoT, to keep Gurtam's clients updated and engaged.


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