Updates: what’s new in June 2021

13 July, 2021
Aliaksandra Makarevich
June update

In June, our users saw a lot of major changes – the release of the new WiaTag and the Configurator web application, improvement in the work of markers in Wialon Hosting, the crop rotation summary table implementation and search of potential cultivations according to work shifts in Hecterra. We also improved the Logistics settings and unit group reports in Wialon Hosting. Let’s check the changes in more detail.

Wialon Hosting

Enhancing marker display for several tanks

On tracks, in maps, and report charts, markers allow users to quickly assess the situation with a unit: X volume of fuel has been drained; the tank has been refueled to volume Y, etc. But it was impossible to find out from which tank exactly the fuel was drained if several sensors were installed in the unit tanks and a filling marker was activated.

Now charts, report maps, and tracks display data for each FLS. Filling markers show which FLS has detected a fuel filling or theft. For example, the Tank sensor is marked as No.1, the Main tank sensor – No.2, and so on. In addition, the tooltip displays the name of the corresponding sensor. 

Marker settings are grouped in a separate section in the report template properties. Here, the user can also configure marker visibility on the map and the marker filtration on the map and in charts.

Markers in Wialon Hosting

Custom sensors in unit group reports

Many clients use custom sensors, for example, when they want to receive mileage and speed data from the CAN-bus and not GPS monitoring. But imagine that you need data on a unit group where every unit features a number of sensors under different names. Previously, it was impossible to display such a variety in a single report.

Now, data from custom sensors can be displayed in unit group reports. For this, we have added columns for custom sensors (displaying an average/maximum/minimum value and so on) in reports on unit or driver groups, as well as reports on drivers.

Values of custom sensors

To display data from a custom sensor, the user needs to specify the name of the sensor in the settings in the table properties.

Name of the custome sensor

The new feature allows users to receive data from various custom sensors created for several units in one table, track and analyze the data. That, in turn, will save time and allow the convenient viewing of info.

Thousands separator in the reports

When your report covers a long period, you inevitably see large values in charts. To improve the reading and processing of reports with more than 4 characters to the left or the right of the decimal point, we added the thousands separator. The corresponding setting can be found in the General block of the Report template properties. 

For example, instead of 1234567.89, the user will see 1,234,567.89.

Thousands separatorThis is it for the new system features. Register on the forum and learn about Wialon Hosting updates on a dedicated topic.


Crop rotation tab

We added a separate Crop rotation tab with a table containing the following info: what crops are now being cultivated or were cultivated at different times in all the fields. A dynamic search helps filter the data by the name or description of the field.

Crop rotation tabNow the user can quickly determine what crop to sow in a particular field by analyzing the field’s history.

Potential cultivations search according to work shifts

The option allows dividing potential cultivations manually by shifts.

Previously, the user had to assign drivers in Wialon first. But the process was getting too time-consuming with a large number of equipment and shifts that needed to be specified. So, we added an alternative option. 

Now it’s possible to divide cultivations by shifts without assigning a driver. The user activates the “Divide potential cultivations considering shifts” option in the Search settings and specifies the shift intervals. After that, potential cultivations on the Registrar page are divided by shifts. This simplifies the user’s work in Hecterra and reduces the time spent on its configuration.

Potential cultivations search according to work shifts

The What’s new window 

We added the What’s new window displaying up to five latest news. It comes in handy when you are short of time to read the blog or the forum. To navigate the news, use the arrows to the right and left of the date.

Find more on the new features, as well as comments on the app processing and user experience on the Wialon forum.


Order rejection reasons

On the General tab of the settings, we have added the Order rejection reasons section. The user can specify the reasons for rejecting orders or create a list of the required reasons using the Autocomplete button.

The new feature saves the driver's time since they no longer have to enter text manually every time the order is not delivered.

Order rejection reasons

Order confirmation upon attaching a file with a signature

On the General tab of the settings, we have created the Order fulfillment requirements section where we  moved the “Not to confirm orders outside the radius” option and also added a new one: “Not to confirm orders without signature.” If it is enabled, the driver can confirm an order only after attaching a file with a signature.

Order confirmation upon attaching a file with a signature

The option provides additional control over drivers, as the order can be completed only upon delivery confirmation.

New design of the settings and warehouse cards

We have redesigned the settings in the Logistics interface for more convenience.

Firstly, we changed the Settings page. The Save and Cancel buttons are shown only when there are changes. If incorrect data is specified or the required fields are not filled in, warnings are displayed on the setting tabs.

The Save and Cancel buttons

Secondly, the cards on the Warehouses tab became more compact. Now all the specified parameters are displayed as icons. We also added a dynamic search by parameters for warehouses.

the cards on the Warehouses tab

New capabilities of the Google routing service

We have improved the Distribution optimization section on the Planning tab for those who use Google as a routing service. 

the Google routing service

Now it’s easier to create an optimized route. The user chooses one of the available models: balanced, optimistic, pessimistic. 

For example, if you select the Pessimistic model, an additional time based on Google statistics is provided to fulfill the route. If the driver often arrives earlier, you can select the Optimistic model.  

In addition, the user can specify the parts of the road (toll roads, highways, ferries) that should be avoided when planning routes.

Visit the forum or Wialon Help Center to read more about the new Logistics options. Please share your experience with the updated functionality.

WiaTag and the Configurator

WiaTag mobile app

On June 30, our users saw a full-fledged release of the new WiaTag version. We have already described in detail the updated functionality of the mobile personnel management app, so in today's article we will indicate only the key changes:

  • The design has completely changed. Now all the functions of the application are presented in the form of separate widgets. When the user wants to send a photo or an SOS signal, they only have to find the right widget and use it.

WiaTag widgets

  • The approach to operation modes has become clearer. Instead of an unlimited number of custom modes, the user now has three ones. Two of them have strict rules of action, while the third one is configured by the user. Now it’s easier to choose the suitable operation mode and its energy consumption level without getting confused about numerous versions. 
  • The user chooses the most convenient authorization option. It can be a QR code, a Wialon account, or an ID number with a password.

The Configurator web application

All the settings are grouped in a separate Configurator web app, that allows to:

  • configure units in WiaTag flexibly, remotely, and in bulk, without physical access to a smartphone; 
  • generate and send a QR code to enter the app;
  • get access to logs remotely without involving the user.

Now partners configure and diagnose the app on their own, while their clients can focus on using WiaTag in their work. 

Please find more details about the new WiaTag on the forum

Feel free to try and test the new features of the platform and apps, as well as leave your comments on the Wialon forum. In a month, we’ll prepare a recap of July's features.

Aliaksandra Makarevich
Aliaksandra Makarevich
Aliaksandra is a Content Marketer at Gurtam, with 3+ years of content-related experience in publishing houses and international tech companies. She has now switched to topics associated with telematics and IoT, to keep Gurtam's clients updated and engaged.


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