Updates: What’s new in June 2022

25 July, 2022
Aliaksandra Makarevich

Monthly updates are back! We’ve got a lot to share with you as Wialon Hosting has obtained many new features. For example, a commercial version of the video module has been released both for the web interface and mobile app; agriculture now boasts new reports by campaign, while urban delivery services have new tools at hand to optimize their routes. Let’s dive deep into the updates.

Wialon Hosting

After a year in beta, the upgraded and improved video module entered the telematics market in June 2022. It can now be sold and integrated into your customers' projects. Want to broaden your portfolio with a new service? Or have your clients started asking for video monitoring more often? We have prepared a detailed instruction on how to use this solution in Wialon, how to connect it and how you can pay for the video monitoring services. 

If you have decided to integrate the video module into your projects, please contact your manager or write to us at sales@gurtam.com

Mobile app for iOS and Android

Video module in the mobile app

The video module is available not only in the Wialon web-version, but also in its mobile application for iOS and Android. For this purpose, a new Video tab with extensive functionality has been added to the application.

Video module in the app

  • Streaming

The user can watch a live broadcast from any number of cameras simultaneously on one screen. In this way, you get a complete picture of what is happening with the vehicle. 

  • Recording

Now you get video from the MDVRs installed within a vehicle for the past period and save the necessary fragments as files. Recorded periods are highlighted on the timeline for user convenience. 

The fragment can be exported and saved under a suitable tag. 

  • Files

As in the web version, files can be saved manually or automatically, for example, when a certain event occurs.

You can filter video files by type and tag, as well as group them if they have the same time or if the files were saved as a result of the same notification or event. Grouped files can be played back simultaneously. 

Thus, Wialon mobile application supports full-fledged work with video. You get 100% of benefits from the video module, even if there’s currently no access to your PC.

New data in the mobile app for Android

A number of new data blocks have been added for user convenience: 

  • the Profile tab in the Info block contains information about a vehicle, for example, vehicle subtype or class; 
  • the History tab features a cell for the day of the week; 
  • the Report tab has a new report type on geofences and geofence groups. To get a geofence group report, the user must first specify the group for the geofence when creating or editing the latter.

Event display in the unit history

Now any event which triggered a notification can be displayed in the unit history. For this you need to activate the Register event for unit option on the Settings tab in the web-version of Wialon and the Display notifications option in the mobile app.  

An event features the following information: 

  • notification triggering time;  
  • icon of the corresponding event type;
  • a brief description of the event. 

Select the cell with the event, open the map with the corresponding coordinates and get the corresponding icon on the map. When you click on it, the above information will appear on the screen.

Account block notification

Previously, block notifications were displayed in the Settings tab and could easily get lost. Now the message appears in the upper right corner, and it's impossible to miss it.

Looking for additional functionality in the Wialon mobile app? Please share your ideas on our forum.

GPS tracking for agriculture with Wialon

Report by campaign

A new report type – by campaign – has been added. Unlike campaign progress stats on the dashboard, the report allows you to assess campaign fulfillment in detail, as it contains data on each cultivation of any field on any date. 

You can find a report on the Report tab. Select a campaign, except those that are scheduled for a future date. The interval is indicated automatically. 

report by campaign

Don’t forget about our forum. Be the first to learn about updates and share your opinion with Wialon and other service providers. 

Local delivery management with Wialon

Optimized planning by geofences

The more vehicles a fleet contains and the wider coverage area it has, the more problems a company is facing with route planning. Here’s a typical real-life example: after delivery to point A, a driver has to go to the other side of the city to point B and then come back to point A. The driver spends a lot of time and fuel while accomplishing only two deliveries. That’s why Wialon has got a new feature – assigning vehicles to geofences. A driver delivers only within their area. 

To make use of the new feature, you only need to activate the Planning by geofences option on the Planning tab.

Then go to the new Geofence tab in the Settings. 

Geofences in Logistics

You can add geofences created in Wialon, filter and delete them in the new tab. Also, you can attach vehicles to geofences. A vehicle attached to a certain geofence will deliver only within this area. If you create a route and want to assign a vehicle to a geofence different from the one it’s attached to, such orders will go to the Undistributed orders group marked with the description The geofences of the unit and the order don’t match.

units attached to geofences

Geofences with assigned vehicles can be found in the new Geofences column at the second and third stages of planning, as well as on the Routes and Templates pages.

Feel free to share your ideas and opinions about our functionality for logistics and delivery management on the forum

We continue working on the Wialon functionality. Feel free to leave your comments on the forum and share you ideas with our team. 

Aliaksandra Makarevich
Aliaksandra Makarevich
Aliaksandra is a Content Marketer at Gurtam, with 3+ years of content-related experience in publishing houses and international tech companies. She has now switched to topics associated with telematics and IoT, to keep Gurtam's clients updated and engaged.


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