Wialon-based car-booking application by WorldTrack

30 March, 2017
Kirill Yakynin

In 2016 Gurtam continued closer cooperation with a number of vehicle exchange and car-sharing service providers, acting domestically or internationally. Gurtam partner WorldTrack takes advantage of our experience and comes up with a solution aimed at the corporate car-sharing market. And there’s a promising outlook for that!

Say, you own a large company with a major corporate vehicle fleet allocated to various offices. Every day your employees make dozens of business trips and company success depends on their punctuality. But how do you distribute vehicles among employees? 

You may decide to make the process more efficient and connect your cars to a tracking system. But when it comes to vehicle assignment you entirely rely on a dispatcher - the only person informed on vehicles location, availability, and status. Human factor may still interfere in the process and make car-booking quite a mess.  

For those willing to stop doing it manually, WorldTrack comes up with WorldTrack Bookinga corporate car-sharing application designed to distribute corporate vehicles among employees.

Why booking with WorldTrack?

Gurtam: provides advanced telematics technology as a basis for software development.  

WorldTrack: develops its own app relying on a deeper understanding of end-users and their needs, thus entering new market segments or creating new business domains.  

This time WorldTrack is nearly asking you, “What if I told you, that you can automate the whole car-booking process with just one app?”, and they will.

main_screen Unlike similar applications providing corporate car-booking options with a little guarantee that the vehicle will be there on time, WorldTrack Booking benefits from accurate and comprehensive telematics data acquired from Wialon tracking system. 

Thus, you get Wialon functionality for both managers and employees in a simple and intuitive interface. This is what they get:

I. No frustration for company employees booking a vehicle

Simple process:

      • Select time, location and type of the vehicle
      • Select an available vehicle
      • View summary and confirm

book a vehicle

Flexible booking. Locate vehicles, plan further rides and promptly react to any emergencies, thus decreasing frustration. 

Notifications system. Be alerted, if a booked vehicle is not there on time and have a chance to book another vehicle. Never stay without a vehicle in the nick of time.  

II. Process automation and data analysis for managers

Workload optimization. Get access to fleet performance overview and data on trips, drivers, routes, etc. to optimize the number of vehicles and deliberately allocate them to parking zones.

interface-2Road Safety. Monitor driving quality to cut costs on traffic citations, fuel overburn and vehicle maintenance with safer and cost-efficient driving. Moreover, secure yourself with telematics data used for smart insurance.

Driver Identification. Use Wialon-based NFC, RFID and mobile tracking technologies to keep track of a vehicle and a person in it.

As you see Wialon-based solutions development is a great chance to diversify your business with a single product.

WorldTrack booking app performs more than just car-sharing option. Also being a hardware manufacturer, WorldTrack may use the app to promote its devices and attract businesses to satellite tracking in the new niches they are aimed at, adding units to Wialon system.

Starting with corporate carsharing, the company is planning to move towards container, truck and construction equipment tracking, and Wialon integration helps the new solutions go international, as the system is represented in 130+ countries worldwide.

The app has just recently been presented at Cebit 2017 and acquired positive feedback. Taking it into account the developers are ready for cooperation with system integrators willing to expand their businesses with the new solution. Contact WorldTrack at info@worldtrackgroup.com and they will tell you more about HOW, WHY and WHERE to start! Or you can create your own Wialon-based app to conquer the market ;). Anyway, we believe you’ll make it!

Kirill Yakynin
Kirill Yakynin
Kirill is the Brand Manager at Gurtam. He maintains brand integrity across all the company’s marketing initiatives and communications and ensures that Gurtam products resonate with current and potential customers.


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