Wialon Local 1504: Annual Update at Your Service

15 April, 2015
Aliaksandra Valasiuk

We are now happy to present the new version of the Wialon Local 1504, available with a bunch of smart functions and modifications for our partners to enjoy and enhance the overall experience of Fleet Management with Wialon worldwide! The most interesting features, to name a few, are listed below with references to the Wialon Hosting updates, with both server and cloud-based versions sharing the latest developments.

Eco Driving

This module is designed to make an assessment of driving behavior. It detects rough maneuvers (like turns, breaks, acceleration), speeding, and other criteria of custom choice (sensor based). Sensitivity range and penalties for those criteria are adjustable. The module includes a tab in unit properties dialog (for parameters adjustment), a tabular report for unit, appropriate columns for other tables, and an app.

Wialon Local mobile 1504

Wialon channel partners will be able to appreciate the handy interface and the smart capacities of the Wialon Local 1504 mobile application, which will take your fleet management experience up to a new level. Available to Android / iOS users, the application can track units on map, show their current state and data, give history of movements and stationary periods, display notifications adjusted in the tracking system.

Speed limits in reports

The Wialon Local partners, especially those with Gurtam Maps Module can now enjoy another peculiar and useful feature in reports. Speed limits, taken directly from the GIS-datasets are now available in reports, meaning that the driver speed profiles can now be benchmarked against the existing speed limitations.

The New Locator

The new Locator tool allows to easily share the unit location with an external party via providing a web link to it. With one click on the link, it opens up a browser that shows the unit on the map. Each will have an expiration date, which can be adjusted by the dispatcher. The New Locator


The old minimap has been given a new life. Now a minimap (a small individual window for tracking) can be opened for several units at once. Not only last position can be observed there but also any information on latest state, sensors, geofences etc., and manipulations with unit can be made straight from its minimap. Mini-windows


This module allows working with DDD files generated by tachographs. Those files can be loaded into Wialon database and then processed by the system giving the result in the form of tables and charts. The module includes one command, two tabular reports for drivers, and two apps- Tacho Manager and Tacho View, both available in the new version of the Wialon Local 1504.

The LBS Detector

In places where GPS signal is unavailable – the LBS detector will serve as a handy alternative to GPS. LBS detector can help determine unit location based on cell tower networks. This new tool is now available in Wialon Local and is supported by any device that transmits mcc, mnc, lac and cell id parameters. The LBS Detector

The Proprietary Route Planner

This smart enhancement will save you the time by optimizing complex driving routes involving up to 10 different addresses, and provide a capability to indicate a route based on Gurtam Maps. Now that the new route service has been released – Gurtam Maps, along with the Delivery Service will be able to lay routes and optimize a range of processes via the new mechanism. For those willing to avail of the new service one must activate the Gurtam Maps** module within the new Local Solution.

Search items on map

Search items on map 

The unique “Search items on map” tool in the monitoring interface will allow you to “Google” the assets with set positioning on the map. The intelligent search of elements on a map, including drivers, units, POIs, trailers, various geofences and city addresses ‒ will help to avoid the long-mile scrolling of bulky lists. 

Together with the new version of Wialon Local 1504 (which will be available for all Wialon Local owners for free) we’d like to present a new policy concerning purchase of further Wialon Local updates. When passing from any of our server solutions (Wialon Pro, Wialon Standard, previous Wialon Local version) to the latest Wialon Local version, we take the money paid for the current solution in payment for the new solution net of 20% depreciation per year, i.e.:

  • the amount paid less than a year ago ‒ 100% (i.e. total amount. During the first year of usage of Wialon Local we provide the update for free);
  • the amount paid 1-2 years ago ‒ 80%;
  • the amount paid 2-3 years ago ‒ 60%;
  • the amount paid 3-4 years ago ‒ 40%;
  • the payments made more than 4 years ago are not taken in payment for Wialon Local update.

Enjoy Wialon Local 1504 and leave your feedback.

Have a nice day!

Aliaksandra Valasiuk
Aliaksandra Valasiuk
Aliaksandra is an HW specialist at Gurtam with vast experience of consulting partners on the hardware, its choice, and configuration peculiarities. She is also responsible for the hardware section on gurtam.com and Gurtam forum.


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