Wialon Local: new opportunities for system administrators

19 December, 2018
Olga Horbat

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “sysadmin”? If it’s just a baggy sweater, a beard, and a bunch of wires, you hardly ever administered Wialon Local. The server solution can’t exist without a system administrator – just like Batman without Robin and Sherlock without Watson. That’s why we make a step to meet the needs of your “Robins” and “Watsons”, and update Wialon Local off-schedule. 

Sysadmin manages the company servers and provides for their flawless functioning. They have multiple tools for that: from simple software to view logs to special-purpose solutions that give a full picture of all subsystems such as the monitoring system, for instance. 

Since Wialon Local is inseparable from the server and the person that looks after it, we take a step in that direction without waiting for the annual update v1904.

Note! At the moment, we show general information by the following parameters:

  • operating time since the last reload;
  • the number of units online;
  • the number of users created in the system;
  • system information.

To make the admin panel more insightful, we added a number of new parameters to be displayed in Wialon Local starting from v1804:

  • storage capacity that Wialon Local uses;
  • the total size of the database and all its components, as well as the level of its fragmentation; 
  • messages cache size on the disk;
  • HDD/SSD disks installed for database storage;
  • the average loading of the processor over the specified time period that shows how much time does it take for the processor to perform tasks.
  • the number of input/output operations (IOPS) that is used to evaluate disk performance. IOPS is the number of information blocks that is read or captured by the storage medium per second.
  • the number of processes and threads to monitor the number of threads altogether as well as those used by Wialon. For example, simultaneous performance of too many jobs or reports can lead to the lower system performance.

All the information can be viewed in real time.

We also added the option to analyze the data over the past periods and observe changes in the long run.

The set of these parameters will make it possible to stop the system, change the discs on time, increase memory capacity, and much more. The new “Status” tab will become available for Wialon Local 1804 upon the next system update.

Learn the details at local@gurtam.com

Olga Horbat
Olga Horbat
Olga is the Wialon Local Product Manager. She handles everything that has to do with the server version of our platform, from the development strategy to communication with the partner community.


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