Wialon team roadshow in China: deepening collaboration with hardware manufacturers

24 May, 2024
Alena Kalionava

Following an engaging experience at the Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show in Hong Kong, our team continued the trip by heading to Shenzhen. This leg of the journey was devoted to visiting our local technology partners — hardware manufacturers who play an important role in the telematics ecosystem.

These weren’t mere routine check-ins but strategic discussions designed to enhance collaboration and enrich our partnership.

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The meetings centered around strengthening our cooperation, planning joint initiatives, and, most importantly, discovering ways to foster mutual growth. We discussed how to make our communication even more transparent and effective, ensure seamless integration of their hardware into Wialon, provide comprehensive support for telematics service providers, and ultimately deliver greater value to fleet owners.

Our partners shared their ambitious growth plans and showcased their flagship and promising new hardware products. In turn, we highlighted the diverse industries and varying fleet sizes that benefit from Wialon. Together, we explored how we can better integrate our partners' hardware with Wialon to offer advanced fleet management solutions. 

Naturally, we also covered the latest technological trends and challenges, including video telematics, AI, and the transition from 4G to 5G networks.

Mariya Filimanchuk  Head of Marketing at Wialon

Mariya Filimanchuk 
Head of Marketing at Wialon 

"The China roadshow was incredibly insightful for us. We are committed to long-term strategic partnerships, viewing hardware manufacturers as an integral part of the Wialon community. Through our visits, we reaffirmed our confidence in their products' high technological and innovative standards.

Our team got a firsthand look at our partners' R&D facilities and explored hardware expos showcasing the latest devices. We were truly impressed by their production operations and dedication to quality."

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Collaborative opportunities for technology partners

Wialon works with over 700 hardware manufacturers, connectivity providers, and software developers across 150 countries. Our partnerships are founded on shared knowledge and mutual benefits, and we are continuously seeking new ways to expand relationships and make them even stronger. 

Wialon offers numerous collaboration opportunities for technology partners. They get featured on the hardware manufacturers page at wialon.com, in the app marketplace among other software developers, and in use cases that highlight solutions leveraging their devices.

Another method of collaboration is joint participation in the largest industry events where we establish extensive expo areas, known as Wialon IoT zones. These zones are vibrant platforms for technology partners to showcase their latest hardware and fleet management solutions to an engaged audience, all while enjoying full setup and organization support from Wialon. Additionally, these partners can join regional Wialon community events that provide exclusive networking opportunities.

Beyond that, together with partners, we co-host webinars and engage in collective PR initiatives. Finally, Wialon also organizes special projects such as the GPS Hardware Manufacturers Top 10 ranking and the IoT project of the year, all aimed at highlighting achievements and sharing success with a global audience.

The Wialon team’s journey to China did more than continue business conversations — it reaffirmed our commitment to building lasting relationships that fuel innovation, growth, and success. Energized by the fruitful discussions and the potential for upcoming collaboration, we are now even better equipped to tackle new challenges and advance the future of telematics.

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Alena Kalionava
Alena Kalionava
Alena is Content Marketer at Wialon. With 5+ years of experience in crafting content for tech companies, she ensures that every piece is both compelling and informative.


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