Updates: what’s new in Wialon in December 2023

11 January, 2024
Alena Kalionava

We're thrilled to share the Wialon updates rolled out in December 2023. In this article, we'll guide you through the array of enhancements, spotlighting the video tools updates, an improved search for notifications, new Wialon for Android features, a redesigned unit tooltip, and more.


Events in the calendar and timeline on the Playback tab

The days with detected fuel fillings and drains are now marked with the corresponding icon on the calendar and the timeline on the Playback tab. The icon tooltip on the calendar displays the events of the day and the time they occurred.

This update streamlines interaction with the tab, simplifying the navigation through saved video recordings. Now, users can effortlessly find videos featuring fuel fillings and drains and jump straight to the exact timecode of the footage when these events happened.

Fuel fillings and drains displayed on the video timeline

Fuel fillings and drains displayed on the video timeline

Default date selection in the calendar

In the past, when selecting a unit on the Playback tab, the calendar would automatically show the date and time of the previous playback request. The default settings have now been updated to reflect the current day, from 00:00 to 23:59.

The Video section optimization

We optimized the Playback tab to reduce data consumption, boost speed, and enhance overall stability and performance. Thanks to these enhancements, the experience of working with video in Wialon has become even more seamless and user-friendly.

Other updates

Enhanced search on the Notifications tab

We're introducing a new approach to organizing system-wide search, starting with changes to the Notifications tab. Specifically, we've added the capability to filter the results based on multiple criteria simultaneously. It empowers users to fine-tune their search parameters and quickly find the necessary notifications.

Filtering notifications by two criteria

Filtering notifications by two criteria

Feel free to share your thoughts about this update using the dedicated feedback form linked to the search feature on the Notifications tab.

Conversions in driver assignment sensors

Users can now autonomously select the conversions for calculating sensor values, eliminating the need to submit a request to change their equipment configuration. This feature can be particularly relevant when generating a report on a driver who manages multiple vehicles equipped with different tracker models.

Conversion in the driver assignment sensor

Conversion in the driver assignment sensor

Redesigned unit tooltip

We've revamped the appearance of the unit tooltip, giving it a more modern look. The functionality and workflow remain unchanged — the tooltip content is determined by user settings. Currently, the updated tooltip design is visible only on the map, but over time, we'll introduce it across all system sections.

new tooltip

The new unit tooltip

We've also added a dedicated feedback form for sharing your thoughts on the update. You'll find the corresponding popup window on the bottom panel.

Wialon for Android

Dark mode interface

The Wialon mobile app now allows users to enjoy a dark theme designed to reduce eye strain during nighttime use. You can easily activate it in the settings.

The dark mode

The dark mode

Map position saving

When zooming or moving the map, the position is now saved throughout the user session. This means that whether users switch to other tabs within the app or use different apps, the map will retain its position upon return.

Additionally, we've added a handy button that quickly takes users back to the scale that fits all units from the work list.

The updated map with a zoom button for fitting all units

The updated map with a zoom button for fitting all units

That's a wrap for today. We hope you found the overview of the key December 2023 Wialon updates insightful. In addition to those, we regularly introduce numerous subtle enhancements aimed at boosting the reliability and stability of the system, all behind the scenes for our users. The Wialon Development Center is dedicated to ensuring our product remains the top choice for fleet management, effectively addressing the business challenges of our partners and their clients.

See you next month!

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Alena Kalionava
Alena Kalionava
Alena is Content Marketer at Wialon. With 5+ years of experience in crafting content for tech companies, she ensures that every piece is both compelling and informative.


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