Children safety in Ukraine


In the past two years, the number of сases of missing Ukranian children increased. Thus, according to the National Police of Ukraine, 10,425 children were reported missing in 2018, while 28 boys and girls were put on the state list of missing people and never found.

Not every family can spend their money on personal trackers, and children tend to leave the trackers at home. 

It was needed to figure out the solution that would be not only effective but available for everyone to provide children’s safety.


Intechplus company, the Gurtam partner from Kiev (Ukraine), proposed a costumized telematics solutions solution consisting of the following components: Wialon Local + WiaTag + Wialon application for Android and iOS + Intechplus monitoring unit.

  • WiaTag, the app for personal monitoring, is installed on the children’s smartphones.
  • The app is integrated with Wialon Local, and the Inteh-plus monitoring unit working 24/7.
  • The geofences are created, each of which is set according to the specific route of each kid. The notifications are set for leaving geofences and pressing the SOS button.
  • Wialon app for Android/iOS is installed on the parents’ smartphones for allowing them to track the children’s location in real-time. 
  • Wialon Local is integrated with the Inteh-plus GPS tracking unit.  
  • The operators accept messages and can promptly react to any emergencies.



The parents can regularly monitor the movements of their children on a specified route in real-time and define their current location.

Remote control

Using the WiaTag application, parents can put their child’s smartphone into a saving mode and use the other app’s remote control features.

Prompt response

The operators of the Inteh-plus monitoring unit can timely react if a child goes out of the geofence or uses the SOS button.

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Company profile

Country: Ukraine
Business sphere: Personal monitoring
Monitoring unit: Children
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