Returning stolen smartphones in Costa Rica


The client of the partner company Semacc (Costa Rica) supplies and distributes mobile devices in San Jose, the capital city. Some smartphones are kept on display in the salesroom and are publicly available. It caused a problem for the client as these devices have been frequently stolen.


Semacc, the Gurtam partner company, offered a package telematics solution to prevent the client from the thefts of cell phones. The following components were implemented: Wialon + WiaTag.

  • The geofences around the mall area were created in GPS tracking platform Wialon.
  • WiaTag application was installed on cell phones. 
  • As a cell phone appears out of the assigned geofence, Wialon sends the command requesting the current device location. The client employees also receive the corresponding notification and deliver the information to the police for further investigation.



The client tracks the location of cell phones 24/7 and reacts to the thefts immediately.


While using this solution in six months, the client has recovered more than $30,000 in goods.

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Company profile

Country: Costa Rica
Monitoring unit: Retail goods

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Wialon Hosting
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