Monitoring of convicts in Mexico


Annually, Mexico spends about $1 billion on prisoners. The occupancy rate of Mexican prisons is 97%, and in some states, this figure rises to 150-300%. In these conditions, there is a need to reduce the cost of the penal system by implementing home detention practice while maintaining round-the-clock control over convicts.


Lertek, the Gurtam partner GPS company from Mexico, proposed a solution for remote prisoners tracking to the authorities of Nuevo León state, with the following components included: Wialon Hosting + Gosafe G737 (a home beacon, an ankle bracelet with an RFID tag, and LBS as secondary location source).

  • The convict receives an electronic tracker bracelet with an RFID tag.
  • A stationary base is installed in the convict’s home.
  • The bracelet determines the location of the convict using GPS and communication service providers outside the house.
  • The stationary base reads the RFID tag from the tracker and helps to understand that a person on home detention does not leave the specified territory.
  • If the convict tries to remove or damage the bracelet, the system will immediately notify the controlling body.
  • To track the convicts who are allowed to leave home for a certain distance, geofences are created in GPS tracking platform Wialon.


The decision to transfer prisoners to home detention is all-embracing. Firstly, taxpayers are happy, as now a lot of their money will not go to the penitentiary system running. Secondly, in these conditions, the prisoners get a chance to quickly get back to regular life, since their imprisonment takes place in a safe environment.


500 violators were under 24/7 control outside the prison.

0 break-outs

Since the start of the program, no break-outs have been recorded.

Up to 70% of the budget

That is how much the local authorities saved on the maintenance per convict.

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Company profile

Country: Mexico
Business sphere: Personal monitoring
Monitoring unit: Convicts

Implemented products

Wialon Hosting

Implemented hardware

Gosafe G737
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