Monitoring of Papa John's couriers in Russia



Papa John’s applies iiko, restaurant automation system. It enables control over the premises used, finances but does not provide the ability to control the locations and movements of couriers. So, there is no information about how much time the courier spends on delivery, what happens during the trip (breakdowns, dangerous situations on the road).


TeleTracking, the Gurtam partner GPS company from Moscow (Russia), proposed a customized telematics solution with the following components included: Wialon Hosting + iiko = Delivery Control.

  • After integrating the telematics vehicle tracking system Wialon and iiko, it is no longer necessary to manually add the addresses of new clients to the system since the system automatically sends them to Wialon.
  • Wialon creates a geofence with the order information – the courier’s destination; the courier is listed as a driver in the system.
  • The driver (courier) is assigned to the car by iButton.
  • Wialon not only defines the driver through the use of a personal key but also records precise data on the delivery interval.
  • Delivered orders, delivery time, and place are automatically recorded in iiko; then, the geofence in Wialon disappears.
  • Delivery Control, an integration product, displays summary information about orders, couriers, their movements in tabular form with the ability to add any trip information and the delivery data from the Wialon system.



The solution is based on Wialon and can be used in any restaurants and delivery services that use the iiko system.


Administrators can track not only the location of couriers but also the car, route, driving behavior.


The administrators have at their disposal accurate data on the delivery interval starting from the moment when the courier takes a pizza and till the moment when pizza reaches the “Client’s house” geofence with a 100 m radius.

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Business sphere: Personal monitoring
Monitoring unit: Stationary units, Field workers

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Wialon Hosting
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