Monitoring of medical staff using Wialon in one of Sri Lankan hospitals


At one of the hospitals in Colombo, the patients increasingly complained that medical attention was not provided on time. The fact was that in addition to promptly responding to the panic button in a patient’s room, the medical staff had to manually turn off an LED display panel, which specified the patient's room where aid was requested. Thus, each time, it was needed to set manually the time interval between an LED display panel turning on and off. 

In this light, the hospital executives wanted to obtain a customized telematics solution to automatically determine the exact time needed for a nurse to respond to a patient’s request.


KLOUDIP, the Gurtam partner company from Sri Lanka, proposed the hospital executives a solution consisting of the following telematics products: Wialon Hosting + Sensolator.

  • We chose Sensolator as a platform for collecting data. Its fully customizable interface and the ability to control the operation of all objects and sensors in a convenient and real-time mode make it the best option.
  • Telematics equipment was integrated into the outdated system, and the data collected was sent to Sensolator.
  • Sensolator recorded the alarm of the panic button, the patient’s room number, and determined the duration of the alarm.


A private clinic in Colombo took a risk that happened to be fully justified and brought the expected positive changes in the work of medical staff.

400 days

That’s how much Sensolator stores data (time of pressing a button, patient’s room number, alarm duration, etc.).

Daily reporting

Every day at 8.30 in the morning, the system automatically generates a report and sends it to the clinic executives.


Since the system provides access to data at any time and from any device, the medical staff is constantly under control and can’t neglect their duties.

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Company profile

Country: Sri Lanka
Business sphere: Personal monitoring
Monitoring unit: Patients

Implemented products

Wialon Hosting
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