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Prisons play a crucial role in the criminal justice system globally. Yet, the pervasive challenge of overcrowded prisons is prevalent in many countries, giving rise to issues like heightened maintenance costs and compromised inmate healthcare. Moreover, the coexistence of low-risk and high-risk offenders has introduced complexities in providing guidance and correctional services. In response to these challenges, the parole monitoring system has emerged as a resource-efficient alternative, addressing prison overcrowding, reducing costs, and facilitating the smooth reintegration of individuals into society.

The Wialon partner, operating mainly in the Asia-Pacific region, decided to develop an effective solution that will allow inspectorates to monitor parolees. 


To implement this idea, the partner needed reliable software and hardware. The company chose Wialon, the ultimate GPS tracking system, and Gosafe G737 bracelets that can be anchored at the parolee’s ankle to monitor their location.

With Wialon, the partner could provide inspectorates with various capabilities: GPS tracking of offenders in real-time and within the specified area, receiving instant notifications if someone leaves the area, and making reports. 

parole monitoring wialonConfigured geofences for parolees in Wialon


The developed parole monitoring solution has proven to be straightforward yet highly effective, reliable, and cost-efficient. Its success is reflected in the growing demand, and it is currently used in various countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and others.

Eventually, all parties involved in using the new solution received their benefits: the partner, government authorities, and parolees. 

The continuous growth of connected units

In less than two years, 7,000 paroles were connected to the system. The partner plans to get new clients in other countries and double this number soon.

Prisons are not overcrowded

Prisons now house individuals primarily with serious criminal offenses. The developed system is employed for others, markedly reducing the workload for prison staff. The new solution for electronic monitoring of offenders has also streamlined tasks for parole inspectorates.

Better conditions for offenders

The anchored bracelet at the parolee’s ankle constantly monitors their location. Thanks to this device, the offender could now serve their sentence at home or participate in correctional labor to contribute to society.

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