Monitoring of apparel factory workers in Sri Lanka


One of the largest apparel manufacturers from Sri Lanka turned to GPS company KLOUDIP, a partner of Gurtam, with a problem of optimizing the planning system of production and transport departments. It was necessary to monitor employees in 14 factories located in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and India. The number of workers at each factory varied from 300 to 3,000, the employees lived in the neighborhood and arrived at their work on the special buses.


KLOUDIP has selected a plant with 300 workers for implementing the test solution. The following components were used: Wialon + WiaTag +  NimBus + NFC tags.

  • WiaTag is developed for mobile workforce management, it transforms a smartphone into a GPS tracker. To solve the problem of a client, every employee was handed an NFC tag, and buses were equipped with mobile devices with WiaTag applications installed, and NFC support or specialized NFC-readers connected to trackers. When boarding and getting off the bus, the workers scan their NFC tags and WiaTag or trackers send their location to Wialon.

  • The production planning team gets passenger reports one hour before the working shift starts. WiaTag and GPS fleet tracking system Wialon help to know the exact time and location where a particular worker boarded and got off the shuttle bus. A new production plan is developed or adjusted accordingly to the received information.  

  • NimBus provides the functionality of satellite monitoring and tools for public transport monitoring. In this case, the total number of passengers is counted for every bus, the most popular and crowded stopping points are determined, and they are organized in the correct order. NimBus is used here for building the most efficient route.


The following results were achieved by the apparel manufacturer during the using of Wialon-based pilot solution:

No downtime

The company adheres to the production schedule and distributes the amount of work between working shifts rationally. The prompt action is taken immediately if there is not enough staff at the moment. This helps to avoid material losses because there is no downtime in apparel manufacturing anymore.

Saving time

The transport routes and their distribution by districts were optimized according to the number of passengers. It saves drivers time and fuel, improves the usability of transport for factory workers.

Reduced costs

Now it is possible to calculate the average time the workers spend on the road. If the employee lives far from the factory, it would be more profitable to provide him with the hostel facilities; it this way the company reduces the cost of delivering employees to work.

Staff discipline

The client’s HR department in the head office uses Wialon for calculating staff attendance. The data received enables the client to make decisions that increase discipline in the workplace.

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Company profile

Country: Sri Lanka
Business sphere: Personal monitoring, Passenger transportation
Monitoring unit: Passengers, Production staff
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