Monitoring people with dementia in Sweden


People suffering from age-related brain changes have to be constantly monitored by medical workers or relatives, which is not always possible. So, they often get lost both in new and familiar places. Searching for these people is a challenge, but the Wialon partner from Sweden, GPSER, tackled it successfully.


The Wialon-based telematics solution for monitoring people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease includes:

MiniFinder Pico Tracker + MiniFinder® GO mobile application

  • MiniFinder Pico is a personal tracker sending the position data, which the patient carries on them.
  • MiniFinder® GO is the mobile Wialon-based application that shows the location of the patient on the map. You can set geofences there, leaving which the person would trigger certain notifications.


Faster searching

Now the responsible person gets an instant notification if the patient leaves the clinic, home, or any other place they should be in. Their exact location is displayed on the map. Thus, we save human lives.

Beneficial for end-users

The solution saves money for end-users due to the accuracy and stability of this system as they don’t have to pay fines for the false emergency calls (some cases took place in Sweden).

Cost-effective for clinics

Clinics reduced their expenses, as they don’t have to hire extra staff for physical monitoring of the patients.

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Company profile

Country: Sweden
Business sphere: Personal monitoring
Monitoring unit: Patients

Implemented products

Wialon Hosting
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