WiaTag: delivery monitoring in Kuwait


Zitaat, the company from Kuwait, provides McDonald’s, Dip’n’Dip, Arby’s and other restaurants and fast food chains with an online food ordering platform together with vehicles that take the food from the restaurant and deliver it to the clients. The company needed the GPS monitoring system to track 500+ vehicles and access to the order history. 


Specialists of Space link decided to use Wialon API and WiaTag. They installed WiaTag on the couriers’ smartphones and connected them to Wialon platform. Now Zitaat gets the drivers’ location and speed data as well as info on the battery level of 500 phones.

Each restaurant has a Wialon account where the dispatcher can monitor vehicles online, build reports, and get notifications. Geofences help to control the presence of drivers in loading and delivery zones. 



Dispatchers monitor GPS tracking unit locations and routes 24/7 in Wialon Hosting


vehicles were connected to Wialon within a week with the help of the drivers’ phones and WiaTag


to the yearly order history and the opportunity to build reports based on the data for this period

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Company profile

Country: Kuwait
Business sphere: Local deliveries
Monitoring unit: Delivery services
Website: zitaat.com/Home

Implemented products

Wialon Hosting
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