Driver risk management system for a cargo management company in Tanzania

IoT project of the year 2022


Bravo Logistics is a cargo management company with an active fleet of over 70 trucks that focuses on import and export of goods by sea, land, and air. The company offers trustworthy solutions in project cargo handling all over East, Central, and Southern Africa.

Having reliable customers and steady revenue, Bravo Logistics yet could not control its operating costs that were draining possible profits. The high costs were attributed to excessive idling, fines and violations from speeding, night driving, and overloading.

The company needed a robust driver scoring system to control driver behavior, which in its turn would prevent reckless driving or let the tracking operator take timely actions should there be any incidents or violations.


The driver risk management system for Bravo Logistics was provided by the Wialon partner Afritrack. The developer offered Wialon as a tracking platform to take control over the driver behavior scoring and solve the related issues. At the same time, due to the size of the Bravo Logistics and specific client’s projects they had to develop a custom portal – BI Reports and Alerts Dashboard.


The driver scoring system provided by Afritrack ensures a single view point for the client’s staff to tackle driver risk management and vehicle alerts.

BI Reports consolidates telematics data from various notifications coming from Wialon and presents it in a convenient form for the client to view and take appropriate action.

Driver risk management system report

Driver risk management system report 

With the help of BI Alerts, the client can view all the alerts originating from their fleet. This driver risk management system ensures that the alerts are seen, worked upon and acknowledged in due course of time. That, in turn, mitigates inherent risks. The correct data analysis is ensured thanks to the data from all tracking devices being unified.

The Afritrack's driver scoring system implementation included several essential steps:

  • Clients' onboarding with a few installations of the different tracking device types.
  • Analysis and customizing of the eco driving data received via Wialon API on BI Reports Dashboard.
  • Installation of tracking devices on the remaining trucks.

Driver scoring system on client’s fleet

Bravo Logistics’ fleet 

The partner used Wialon API to execute reports on BI Reports and Alerts Dashboard. Push notifications are utilized to receive alerts from Wialon.

During the initial stage of the project implementation, truck drivers considered the practice of getting constant calls from the NOC operators invasive. However, as they became accustomed to getting calls, they understood how they should drive to avoid the company making potential losses due to their reckless driving behavior.


When it comes to hardware, the Wialon partner used the range of popular devices notable for their cost effectiveness and high quality:

Later, this driver scoring system is planned to be optimized to track fuel consumption for the trucks’ main fuel tanks. The aim is to establish fuel consumption ratios for drivers with harsh driving behavior and those undertaking idling frequently. Driver identification through iButton Driver ID’s will also be introduced shortly.

During the first four weeks of the project deployment, the dedicated Afritrack staff was handling all the queries coming from the client.


The implemented driver risk management system provides the client's operators with a single window to control driver behavior and unsafe driving incidents. It has also led to at least 90% of the incident alerts being addressed in a timely manner. This significantly reduced associated risks.

Detection of high-risk drivers

The driver behavior scoring helps to identify high-risk drivers who are mostly likely to cause accidents due to their poor or unsafe driving practices.

Increased saving

The reduction of idling instances by truck drivers results in monthly savings.

Prevention of dangerous situations

Now the client's staff can immediately capture and address notifications on unacceptable driving behavior by drivers that can result in potential accidents.

Less fines, more discipline

The decrease of over speeding and night driving incidents has led to savings in monthly road traffic fines.

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Country: Tanzania
IoT project of the year nomination: Long-haul shipping
Business sphere: Long-haul transportation
Monitoring unit: Freight vehicle

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