Driver safety monitoring system for a transportation company in the Arctic

IoT project of the year 2022

iot ptoject of the year 2022


Nord Tranzit specializes in goods transportation in the Arctic. The company's key mission is to provide high-level services despite the extremely low temperatures and lack of infrastructure. The carrier was looking for ways to improve transportation safety in remote areas and, consequently, enhance customer service quality.

  • The GSM coverage is low on some cargo transportation routes. In case of emergency, drivers risk their lives, while the company risks its reputation due to late deliveries. Breakdowns, road accidents, and possible health issues are problems that are especially critical in the extreme weather conditions of the Arctic.
  • The company needed a tracking solution that would also allow them to discipline drivers as sometimes their carelessness could lead to an accident resulting in loss of product and equipment.

driver alert system

One of the client’s vehicles equipped with a driver alert system


Montrans provided Nord Tranzit with a driver behavior monitoring system that helped the company to secure its employees, vehicles, and transported goods.

  • The solution comprises a satellite Galileosky terminal powered by an Iridium module, a special remote control station that transmits a case-based signal, and the Montrans DVR Driver Monitoring and Assistance System. 
  • The Galileosky GPS terminal allows transmitting data via an Iridium satellite channel. It solves the problem of poor GSM signal coverage in remote areas. Satellite communication channels transmit vehicle location data and panic button trip commands.
  • Montrans developed a four-button driver alert system so drivers could in no time inform a dispatcher about four possible incident types: an accident, breakdown, severe weather conditions, and health issues.

fleet monitoring systems

A four-button driver alert system mounted inside driver's cabin

  • The Montrans specialists configured the Omnicomm Online and Montrans Video System to register events on equipment the customer wanted to be aware of. For all cases of violations, the client receives photographic evidence in the Montrans Video system. 
  • Montrans Assistance System gives audible real-time warnings to the driver when falling asleep, distracted, smoking, not wearing a seatbelt, and exceeding the speed limit. Also, the system identifies closing or turning the camera away.

All the parts of the driver safety monitoring system are integrated for smoother operations.

Montrans arranged remote training for the client’s employees to teach them how to work with Montrans Video and Omnicomm Online System. In addition, 24/7 support is provided.


Nord Tranzit can take advantage of the driver safety monitoring system that ensures safe transportation in remote areas with severe weather conditions. The solution prevents accidents and lets the company receive information and act immediately if any accidents during transportation of heavy cargo in the Arctic occur.


The driver alert system helps ensure the safety of drivers, vehicles, and the transported goods. In case of any emergency, a driver can send S.O.S. and get help as soon as possible.

Driver behavior under control

The client can learn if the driver violates the safety rules thanks to a car video monitoring system. Drivers know it and try to carry out their duties more responsibly.

Minimized costs

Transportation has become more secure, so the client spends less money on wrecked vehicles, penalties, damaged cargoes, etc.

Better customer service

As the number of incidents has been minimized, Nord Tranzit delivers goods on time and maintains the reputation of a reliable carrier.

Accidents prevention

Thanks to the notifications for the fleet managers and the drivers, many potentially dangerous situations are addressed right away. This way a majority of accidents don't happen.

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Company profile

IoT project of the year nomination: Long-haul shipping
Business sphere: Long-haul transportation
Monitoring unit: Freight vehicle, Drivers

Implemented hardware

Galileosky Base Block Iridium

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