Monitoring airport transfers in Ibiza, Spain


Transfer Ibiza is a transport company operating in Ibiza and dealing mainly with tourists arriving at the island or businessmen coming there for business. The company performs trips from the airport to hotels and back, takes people to excursions and business meetings. It all doesn’t sound too complicated. However, there were a number of problems.

First off, sometimes the passengers couldn’t find the pick-up points as they were not very well-clarified. Then, there were issues with locating the correct bus. And finally, at times, passengers had to wait much longer than expected for the bus to arrive which negatively affected the company’s reputation and caused the clients’ discontent, especially with very demanding clients. Staff control was also needed to pay employees for the exact amount of work performed, but this amount was unknown.

The GPS fleet tracking system used before couldn’t address these problems.


The Wialon partner from Spain, Instant Connect, developed the telematics solution allowing to solve all the challenges that the client was facing. It was done through the integration of Wialon Hosting and the customer management system Volcano used by the client.

  • When it comes to hardware, FMS500 ONE by Xirgo Global was installed on all the buses. The partner finds this device stable and reliable.

  • The Wialon app for iOS and Android helps the customer get the full control of drivers: monitor their location and working hours. Through the notifications of a Base geofence entry, the customer knows which vehicles are currently unavailable.

  • Now, when passengers receive all the needed information from Volcano such as the pick-up time and place and the bus registration number, together with it, they also get the Locator link due to the integration with the Volcano software. It helps locate the bus’s position in real time.

The COVID-19 pandemic significantly slowed down the project implementation but couldn’t stop it entirely. After the restrictions were lifted to some extent, the Wialon partner resumed the project. He contacted the Volcano managers and found out that they had already worked with Wialon API before. So, the process was pretty smooth.



Passenger contentment

At any given time, they know where their bus is, when it arrives to pick them up and where it happens.

Excellent reputation

The company is able to provide transparent and professional transfer services to its clients.

Well-organized work

The customer knows precisely when drivers start and finish their work and can pay accordingly. Drivers also don’t have problems with finding the pick-up points and managing their routes.

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Company profile

Country: Spain
IoT project of the year nomination: Public transport
Business sphere: Passenger transportation
Monitoring unit: Passenger vehicle

Implemented products

Wialon Hosting

Implemented hardware


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