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In the Belgorod region, Russia, the authorities are actively developing a unified monitoring system for public transport and working on integrating passenger carriers on one platform.

All public transport operators must place their vehicles in the Belgorod Information Fund system, which is based on the Wialon Local platform.

Belgorod Information Fund wanted to take the service to the next development level with the help of a unified dispatching system for carriers. Among other things, it would include digitizing existing routes and stops, revising transport schedules, and integrating with additional tools. This would make it possible to ensure the control of all processes and solve the main task: to provide passengers with a clear, convenient, high-quality, and safe public transport service.


The Wialon partner, Tekhnologii Innovatsionnogo Razvitiya, chose the NimBus public transport monitoring application as the main tool for solving this problem.

The solution was developed to combine the work of 18 public transport operating companies with a total fleet of several thousand vehicles. Trackers and other hardware installed on these vehicles send data to the Wialon Local monitoring system, from where it then goes to NimBus.

The solution implementation process was step-by-step.

  • Specialists from Tekhnologii Innovatsionnogo Razvitiya integrated NimBus with Yandex.Transport, 2gis, and ITLINE bus stop displays.
  • The system was tested in the Shebekino Passenger Motor Company that has 80 buses in its fleet.
  • After successful testing, the integrator implemented NimBus in 16 more municipal districts of the Belgorod region.
  • Then, NimBus was implemented in Belgorod itself with 800 operating vehicles.

While working on the project, the integrator had to deal with various hardware devices installed in vehicles: Navtelecom, SCOUT, Arnavi, and others. Wialon allows working with all these devices.


NimBus made it possible to create a comprehensive and modern dispatching and public transport control system in the region from scratch. Now, more than a thousand passenger vehicles from 18 carriers are monitored in a single solution, and data on their operation is available to customers for control and analysis. In addition, digitalization has affected all transportation processes, from timetables to informing passengers.

The solution will be further developed. It is planned to introduce control over contract management, route passports, and drivers’ work.

Enhanced service quality

The customer can monitor the quality of services to ensure that transportation is safe, complies with the schedule and requirements.


Passengers know when the next bus is coming and can plan their time without wasting it on waiting at stops.


Reports on the work of all carriers are now available to regulatory bodies and managers making administration decisions.

Unified system

It doesn’t matter what vehicles from what carriers and with what hardware travel the routes: all data from them goes into a single system and is displayed in unified reports.

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