The DEEPLOW technology ensures tillage depth control. A set of DEEPLOW equipment is installed on the machinery (plows, cultivators, disk tillers, etc.). Sensors measure the depth of penetration of the implement into the soil and transmit data to the central controller. The controller processes the data and transmits it to the driver’s monitor, to the DEEPLOW cloud platform, and to the Wialon platform.

Here’s why DEEPLOW stands out in the market:

  • Individual approach. DEEPLOW measures tillage depth section by section from left to right or by depth control points at the front and rear of the implement. The solution also knows how to work with overturning aggregates.
  • Data processing on board. DEEPLOW allows users (agronomists, dispatchers) to process and filter data in the tracker itself. Consequently, they receive up-to-date information and can quickly correct the work of the machine operator.
  • Access to data for an agronomist. The application builds the track and paints it in different colors according to the legend and depending on the tillage depth. The tillage depth is available section by section. So the agronomist can control the quality of their work online.
  • Compatibility with Wialon. Pre-filtered data is sent to Wialon. The platform uses it to build the track with a breakdown into colors and data on the penetration of tools at each point. This allows a user to discover drawbacks in the work of the machine operator.
  • Access from a mobile device. Data per unit is sent to the DEEPLOW cloud service and is available in the agronomist’s mobile application.
  • Machine operator’s monitor. The DEEPLOW tillage depth control system allows the machine operator to see on the screen and track tillage depth at each checkpoint during the operation. The implement configuration settings are loaded automatically via Bluetooth. All this makes it possible to adjust work performance.


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