The solution is an RPA platform for automating technical support processes for Wialon Local and Wialon Hosting platforms. The account contains the following sections: users, services, and main management. The main management section consists of a map of services, i.e. containers for software robots. Robots can be combined into a service according to different criteria. For example, robots for one monitoring platform (Wialon Hosting or Wialon Local), or robots for one account (customer), or robots of a certain type (technical support robots, robots for working with units, with geologists).

Thus, the platform allows users to configure software robots to perform routine and repetitive operations, or use a basic robot such as Wialon tech support. This software robot is able to check 10 thousand monitoring units in accordance with 15 patterns of failures within 4 hours of work, generate a report in the system, and send it by email. At the same time, an operator can set up robots working with different platforms and with different accounts.


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