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Quite often agricultural equipment, special equipment, production lines, or other objects remain idle. There may be multiple reasons for such downtime. For example, an agricultural harvester downtime may be caused by lacking fuel delivery or the absence of equipment for harvest transportation. We have developed a solution including software and hardware parts to solve these issues.

The software part includes a Galileosky monitoring block with the Easy Logic technology, a Bluetooth exterior module, and an application for an Android device running 5.0 and more recent versions.

The hardware part consists of an Easy Logic script, providing a data exchange protocol with an Android device via Bluetooth and primary data processing.

The Android app connects to the Galileosky terminal via a Bluetooth channel. When a Stop signal is received, the Android device notifies an operator to indicate the reason for the stop after a specified time.

The operator chooses the reason among the suggested variants, and from this moment the countdown of the stop time period begins.

When the movement is resumed, the Android application will notify the driver of the need to record the end of the idle time.

The result of the solution’s work is data in the form of a standard Wialon report which provides details for each object regarding the volume of downtime in the context of each reason.


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