Eco Driving plus Wialon: saving lives and the good name of Puma Energy

14 January, 2019
Vera Podosinovik

“With great power comes great responsibility,” – said uncle Ben in Spider-Man comic books. The same is true for the real life, and CEOs all over the world know it. The bigger the company is, the more difference it makes and the more liability it has before customers and communities. Especially, when the company deals with transportation of hazardous cargo where every accident may become a tragedy and an environmental disaster.  

Today, we will tell about the project of our partner JW Services from Myanmar implemented for Puma Energy, the international oil-and-gas company. Keep reading to find out how to reduce traffic accidents and save lives with the help of Eco Driving and Wialon.

High time for changes

The fleet of Puma Energy consists of 30-ton Nissan trucks that deliver fuel to shipping companies, airlines, and power suppliers in 49 countries. Before introducing software by Gurtam, the client used to have a basic tracking solution that allowed to control just a few parameters such as position, speed, and idling time of a vehicle.

High time for changes

Nissan trucks used by Puma Energy

Due to a poor software, Puma Energy faced a serious problem: they couldn’t analyze the reasons for increased traffic accidents. As a result, the company suffered enormous losses related to damaged vehicles and undelivered cargo (about $150K per accident). But this is the lesser of two evils. Explosion of tank trucks and fuel ignition can be fatal for all the parties involved. Unlike trucks and cargo, the value of human life can be hardly measured in any currency.

High time for changes

Illustrative photo from Burundi: that's what happens when a tanker truck explodes

In the midst of all that, the above mentioned events had a negative impact on the company’s reputation. It was necessary to take measures in order to regain a good name and make the fuel transportation safer.

To sum up, Puma Energy had the following reference data for the service provider:

  • telematics platform for simple tracking already implemented;
  • car accidents with tank trucks = human losses (!) + financial losses (damaged vehicles and fuel) + possible environmental impact;
  • company’s reputation under threat.

Offered solution

The solution found by our partner includes several elements:

  • GPS devices with the option to read CAN bus data;
  • RFID tags and readers for driver identification;
  • Eco Driving module;
  • Wialon API/SDK.

CAN data are used to evaluate the driving style. On-board computers send the information on speed, gears shifting, harsh braking, and acceleration to Wialon. It’s remarkable that now a great attention is paid to the speed: this parameter is taken both from CAN bus and a GPS device every single second to get the most accurate and reliable data.

Moreover, the integration with a corporate platform Puma IVMS is a crucial point. It helps to analyze the data received from Wialon and generate custom reports using API.

Project results

The solution offered by JW Services helped to meet the main concern of Puma Energy related to the drivers’ behavior. Thanks to Wialon and transparent system for the driving quality evaluation, the number of car accidents is substantially reduced. That means road safety, no damage to trucks and cargo, less financial losses.

The case with Puma Energy trucks is one more proof of Eco Driving effectiveness and reasonability for companies having their own fleet and giving priority to the safety of people.

If you got interested in the project and already have in mind some potential clients who need the interface for driving quality assessment, take a look at the presentation on Eco Driving module.  In case you want to share your story of successful usage of Wialon-based solution, feel free to contact us at or fill up a form at

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Vera Podosinovik
Vera Podosinovik
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