Fleet LatAm Conference 2023: driver safety, video telematics, and EVs on the rise

10 October, 2023
Alena Kalionava

In late September, the Fleet LatAm Conference 2023 made its way back to Mexico City, following the success of the previous year. Organized by Global Fleet, this annual event gathered fleet and mobility managers, suppliers, and other industry experts for two days of enlightening talks, networking, and lively discussions.

This year's conference revolved around safety, sustainable operations, and their impact on effective fleet management. The participants covered various topics, from implementing driver safety programs and eliminating vehicle theft to embracing video telematics and electric vehicles (EVs).

Miguel Alejandro Pedroza Barra, Partner Success Manager at Wialon, participated in the panel discussion titled "Go for the win-win: improving driver behavior and reducing insurance costs" and gave a presentation on the subject. Let's dive into his takeaways and insights.

The human element in car accidents prevails

80% of accidents in Latin America happen because of human errors. 7% are due to a vehicle failure, 9% to natural agents, and only 4% to road conditions. Just think about it — reckless driving, ignoring road signs, driving while fatigued — all these factors play a significant role. The message was loud and clear: fleet managers should pay more attention to driver behavior

Video telematics helps detect driver fatigue

According to a study conducted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), driver fatigue contributes to 13% of truck accidents, and 36% of accidents are attributed to driver errors.

A proactive solution to deal with this issue is the adoption of video telematics. Video tools allow to watch live streams from vehicles, enabling real-time monitoring of drivers to ensure they remain fully alert and compliant with safety regulations. For instance, in-cab cameras can help verify that drivers avoid distractions, don’t transport unauthorized passengers, smoke, text, or show signs of fatigue.

Miguel Alejandro Pedroza Barra Partner Success Manager

Miguel Alejandro Pedroza Barra
Partner Success Manager

In Latin America, the use of telematics for fleet management has seen a twofold increase over the past decade. We at Wialon and our fellow telematics professionals are all about pushing this positive change further. With video telematics, we can provide fleet managers with more tools to boost operational efficiency and, most importantly, make the roads safer.

Fleet managers require adaptable software

One of the hot topics explored during the Fleet LatAm Conference 2023 was software's role in fleet management. The question at the forefront was what it truly means for a fleet management solution to be effective. The answer was clear: businesses require software that allows them to fine-tune parameters and conduct an in-depth analysis of driving quality. Real-time maps, detailed reports, and comprehensive stats are essential for gaining deeper insights into driver behavior and improving trip efficiency.

Fleet management software must offer more than just functionality — it should be easily accessible to companies of all sizes across web and mobile. Moreover, it should provide customization options to meet specific needs: offer the ability to visualize results, incorporate video telematics, and seamlessly integrate with other systems. When all these elements come together, fleet managers can ensure the safety of their drivers and cargo, minimize financial losses, and enhance transparency in operations.

Latin America follows the global trend towards EVs

The event also highlighted other fleet trends in Latin America, with one of them being the surging adoption of electric vehicles. Established automakers and startups are gearing up to meet this growing demand, and it's projected that by 2026, EVs will capture nearly 8% of the local market. While hybrids currently dominate the landscape, the situation may change in the future as plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) and pure EVs are gaining more popularity. In 2022, the Latin American hybrid and EV markets were led by Mexico (33%), Brazil (30%), and Colombia (20%).

Besides, Latin America is making rapid progress in developing the charging infrastructure, thus accelerating the adoption of EVs. A range of charger options is emerging to meet diverse needs, from overnight to on-the-go charging.

The Fleet LatAm Conference 2023 brought plenty of insights and fresh ideas for fleet and mobility professionals across Latin America. Wialon was genuinely excited to be part of this event and collaborate with fellow attendees to help shape the future of the local telematics market. As Latin America embraces more and more innovations in the field, the outlook for fleet management in the region promises to be safer and more efficient.

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Alena Kalionava
Alena Kalionava
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