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14 November, 2017
Olga Voytikhovich
Wialon languages

We are pretty sure that you have already appreciated Wialon for its advanced functionality that encourages people all over the world to choose our services. We take pride in the fact that our product is useful for customers globally and when we say so we literally mean it! Our partners operate in more than 130 countries on all continents with the exception of Antarctica (doesn’t mean that we don’t plan to expand there). But on the other side, it causes the translation issue. Read our article to know how we managed to solve it successfully.

As we strive for perfection in how Wialon functions we couldn’t just leave it. The team of Gurtam tech writers translates the system from Russian into English and Spanish and keeps the texts constantly updated. In cases of other languages, we decided to rely on native speakers and handed the issue over to our partners. Swe created Gurtam Translation System (GTS) – an extremely simple tool that allows our clients to translate the system, web and mobile applications into their own language. No Google Translate – the texts are delivered to you by industry professionals. 

How it works

To put it simply, in GTS there is a set of necessary phrases in English that you can translate into the language you need. We get your translation, check, approve and implement it in the system. It is as easy as that! Now everyone can enjoy using the whole Wialon product line in their own language.



Our Italian partner Ezio Dozio from IoT Solution stated that “Being able to have the product in your own language allows you to shorten the distance between you and the end-user and to offer him a more relevant experience.”   

Gurtam Translation System has a number of advantages:

  • User-friendly interface;
  • Multiple languages support;
  • Fast performance;
  • Free-of-charge distribution.


Wolfgang Busch from Hilltronic noted, “The usage of the translation system is totally easy. You just see the English text on the left side, understand its meaning and then translate this text into your local language.”   

Thus, with the help of our partners, we are now translating Wialon into 40+ languages. In some cases the system translation is finished, in others – the work is still going but it means that the list of available languages is constantly growing. Moreover, the process is never-ending – each update brings us extended functionality and, thus, new lexis to be translated. An ambitious task taking into account 2000 unique words and thousands of word combinations already existing in the systemNevertheless, multiple Gurtam partners achieved success. Apart from the three main (RU, ES, EN) languages updated in-house, our partners from Romania, Iran, Croatia, and Brazil made the system 95%+ translated into their native languages, which is a great result. At present time we can boast having truly rare ones there such as Dari, Pashto, Burmese, and some others. Without such companies like JW ServicesSicuro Group, and many others we would never be able to perform this important and complicated work.



In that respect, June Fernandez from Sicuro Group told us, “Gurtam Translation System is a good tool especially if you need multiple languages to be integrated into your platform. It makes the life of integrators easier. They can add preferred languages without spending much time as all necessary words are already available on the tool.”  

A most challenging task

We always do our best to meet the needs of all partners because each member of our community is valuable. And if only 2.5% of them read and write from right to left, it is something that counts! Especially when they take the solution of this issue into their own hands knowing how difficult it is to adjust Wialon interface to right-to-left (RTL) languages. Here we can’t fail to mention the efforts that Giti Gostar Rahbord company from Iran, in close cooperation with our QA and Support teams, makes in creating RTL languages support for Wialon. A lot of our partners speak Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, and Urdu. That would be quite complicated for us, if not impossible at all, to translate the whole Wialon system into these languages without Giti Gostar’s help.


Now we can proudly say that thanks to long, hard and tireless work of our Iranian partners Wialon can be successfully used in its right-to-left language version. It doesn’t mean though that the work is over. We are only at the beginning of the path. What’s more, Giti Gostar helped us to make the right-to-left version of Logistics. So we can say that their contribution to the solution of this problem is just priceless!


Thank you so much! We are very happy that our work lets Gurtam partners benefit from it and we promise to keep going. In case Gurtam Translation System lacks the language you need, feel free to refer your requests to tech support and make your own translation. The process of translation has never been easier.

P.S. The list of top 5 most popular words in Wialon looks like this, “unit, error, time, consumption, be”. So let there be no errors and time-consuming processes while translating Wialon and more units for everybody! 

Olga Voytikhovich
Olga Voytikhovich
Olga is a content editor at Gurtam. She proofreads and reviews other authors' materials, also writes about Gurtam products, presents partner use cases in the best way possible, and tells about the system updates. In fact, Olga helps out with the content of almost all Gurtam resources.


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