How it works. Wialon marketing and new events for the community [Gurtam meetups]

16 June, 2020
Tatsiana Bravina

Do you remember an incredible news announced on our blog on Monday? Yes, we have opened the application submission for the IoT project of the year, the global competition hosted by Gurtam. And yes, we are looking forward to your applications! 

Why have we launched this competition? Why is it worth participating in? We are sure you still have a number of questions related. Let’s discuss this and other issues during the live talk with Gurtam experts. Last time, we answered your Wialon development-related questions, now let’s talk about marketing in Gurtam.

On June 18, during the meetup “How it works. Wialon marketing and new events for the community” we are answering your questions on the following topics:

  • Gurtam's and partners' marketing efforts during the lockdown;
  • Meetups and online events backstage: challenges and lessons learned;
  • Marketing budget and how it shifted after all the offline events' cancellations.

Please share what you would like to know in advance or ask them in the chat during the meetup.

Submit your questionExperts:

Head of Marketing Department

Anastasiya Eroho, Head of Marketing Department

Head of Wialon Division

Aliaksandr Kuushynau, Head of Wialon Division

Date and time: June 18, 5 p.m. (UTC+3)

Language: English

Add the events to your Google or Outlook calendars and follow the stream link on the day of the meetup:

We are welcoming your questions and looking forward to seeing you online. Let’s make our talk insightful! Feel free to sign up to be updated on the new meetups and follow the Gurtam TV page.  

Tatsiana Bravina
Tatsiana Bravina
Tatsiana is the Content Marketing Specialist at Gurtam who writes about subjects valuable to the Wialon community. She creates blog content, product presentations, and printed materials that our partners use in their business activities.


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