The Gurtam podcast, episode 2: explore telematics hardware trends

26 February, 2020
Tatsiana Bravina

The second episode of the Gurtam podcast has been released. This time, we have invited Simon Wu, AVP at Atrack Technology to have an insightful conversation about the telematics hardware trends. 

Who talks?

Who talks?

Simon Wu, AVP, Atrack Technology 

Simon is responsible for managing the strategic partnership, new product introduction, and business development in North America. We have had Atrack Technology devices integrated with Wialon for over 8 years. Here, at Gurtam, we are always maintaining communication with Atrack Technology, the globally recognized GPS telematics hardware manufacturer, and exchanging ideas on trends and evolution of the telematics industry.

Who talks?

Ranjan Kaushal, Partner Success Manager, Gurtam 

Ranjan has been with Gurtam for almost 3 years. Every day, he communicates with the partners and helps them with their requests, most often concerning the hardware functionality operation. So, Ranjan has extensive experience when it comes to the telematics hardware devices supported in Wialon.

What’s the talk about?

The impact of telematics on vehicle insurance cost is the first trend suggested for discussion. According to Simon Wu, this trend is really good news for device manufacturers. As telematics can provide drivers and insurance companies with various additional features such as vehicle health reports, unexpected car movement alerts, it creates huge potential for hardware manufacturers to work with insurance companies. 

The growth of trailer and cargo container tracking is also defined as a positive trend for the hardware manufacturer market, especially because trailer tracking can help reduce theft and unauthorized use while increasing asset utilization. And it’s the very time for the device manufacturers to successfully meet the needs of GPS trailer tracking.

The evolution of connectivity, OEM telematics solutions, market consolidation are the trends identified as the challenging ones for hardware manufacturers. But Simon encourages device manufacturers to stay in tune with the trends and respond to the market needs accurately.

Also, there are comments on the driving hours regulations as another trend of the hardware telematics. It’s emphasized that even though the demands are high, the related laws often help the qualified device manufacturers to sell more devices. 

While commenting on video telematics, Simon hints about ATrack’s future plans for launching video telematics hardware that would allow fleet managers to have the 360 degrees view of their fleets.

Why listen to it?

This podcast episode will help you to:

  • have an idea of how the telematics hardware trends look like;
  • understand what to expect from the telematics device market further;
  • get hang on your client needs concerning hardware and successfully meet them.

Your feedback and suggestions for the next podcast episode are highly welcomed. 

This is the second podcast episode, and here comes the first one

Tatsiana Bravina
Tatsiana Bravina
Tatsiana is the Content Marketing Specialist at Gurtam who writes about subjects valuable to the Wialon community. She creates blog content, product presentations, and printed materials that our partners use in their business activities.


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