Gurtam visited the key technology partner Teltonika

14 April, 2020
Tatsiana Bravina

Our technology partners are an important part of our community. We have more than 2,100 types of GPS tracking devices integrated with Wialon, and the number is growing. Here at Gurtam, you will also find a dedicated hardware team that is constantly communicating with our technology partners. 

When possible, we always seek for opportunities to meet our tech partners in person. For example, a couple of years ago our visit to Global Sources ended up with a grand tour around factories in Shenzhen.

Recently, we have been on a visit to the Teltonika hardware manufacturer. We had an amazing time during the tour of the Teltonika factory and insightful conversations about the company, our collaboration, and future plans. In this post, we will tell you the details of our visit.

About the production

Teltonika is a leading European manufacturer of fleet management solutions that sells over 70 different products in more than 150 countries. Teltonika’s motto is Easy key to IoT, and the guys do their best to make the trackers easy to use and manage. The combination of the advanced technologies, know-how approaches, and quality programming and manufacturing allow Teltonika to cover the various scopes of their solutions’ application: the fleet management connected vehicles, safety, insurance telematics, car-sharing and more.

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Teltonika is #1 in GPS Hardware Manufacturers TOP 10 in 2019

But what is behind these boring words?

Its 200 factory workers and 200 R&D employees are located in 3 offices in Lithuania. This team of professionals manufactures 300-400k devices monthly. Among these devices, there are 70% of vehicle and personal trackers and 30% of routers. 

Fleet management products are divided into 4 categories: Easy, Special, Advanced and Professional with 3G, LTE CAT1 and LTE CAT-M1. FMU series stands for 3G (UMTS), FMC stands for LTE CAT1, FMM stands for LTE CAT-M1. TSM is a satellite (Iridium) terminal additionally connected with a tracker if the tracker can not send the data using the standard network. All the devices produced are being carefully tested before release, and the company is proud of the quality of its products.

Gurtam at the Teltonika factory

 Gurtam team is on a 90-minute tour around the Teltonika factory

Interesting facts:

  • Teltonika has 6 robotic hands for device assembly: a robot working a shift replaces 9 workers working 3 shifts. This is how Teltonika GPS trackers are being assembled.

  • The new premise with a capacity of 500 people is already up and running. This new factory will help to reach the goal of 1 million devices produced monthly.

Gurtam team

In front of the new Teltonika factory building

Business overview

Surely, we didn’t only visit the factory as tourists but also had productive talks with the Teltonika management and discussed the telematics business. 

According to them, they focus on:

  • Vehicle telematics: AVL devices, development of the FOTA WEB and Teltonika configurator;
  • Smart autonomous solutions: assets and personal trackers, trackers for bike and scooter sharing;
  • Networks: routers, modems, and gateways;
  • EMS and ODM: everything related to custom development.

In addition to their three offices in Lithuania, Teltonika has 12 foreign offices that cover the issues related to business and industrial expansion to the global markets. They are expanding their regional representation and hiring local business development employees to cooperate with the foreign offices remotely.

More interesting facts:

  • During the tour in the office, we were shown the Teltonika IoT academy. They educate the university students the best of whom become Teltonika employees. Fields: programming, field engineering, technical support. 
  • Teltonika also has a B2B academy for salespeople.
  • All the employees pass different levels of training and the following certification. The growth in the company is tied to the internal certification.

Gurtam at the Teltonika office

Gurtam team is visiting the Teltonika office

Plans for 2020

We had discussions not only about the current state of business but we were pleased to know Teltonika plans for 2020. 

In the immediate future, they intend to complete tracker for Thailand’s DLT project. It would be a device with an RS232 interface for the magnetic card readers and various third-party external devices. The device is about to be released. 

One of the most awaited Teltonika trackers is FMB003, which is twice smaller compared to its predecessor and has advanced OBD data reading capabilities, is also about to be released.

Also, something completely new from Teltonika, a cigarette lighter tracker, FMP100, is planned for Q2. More details about the upcoming devices are available in the 2020 catalog and feel free to subscribe to their newsletters to get all the latest Teltonika news and updates.


We visited the factory and the office, talked with the Teltonika employees, our flespi developer had a chat on the technical topics with them as well. Concerning our cooperation with Teltonika, we mutually shared our challenges, successfully discussed how we could make the collaboration even closer. And now we have a clear vision of the company’s processes, know their concerns and wishes that will help us make better business together.

Thanks to Teltonika for welcoming us and making time for those valuable discussions!

Tatsiana Bravina
Tatsiana Bravina
Tatsiana is the Content Marketing Specialist at Gurtam who writes about subjects valuable to the Wialon community. She creates blog content, product presentations, and printed materials that our partners use in their business activities.


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