Сatch up with Teltonika: 200,000 devices on Wialon

22 February, 2019
Aliaksandra Valasiuk

Teltonika maintains leadership of the Gurtam manufacturers rating and is not going to slow down – 200,000 Teltonika devices are already connected to Wialon Hosting!

The first tracker, Teltonika FM4100, was integrated into Wialon over 10 years ago. About 1,000 devices of this model are still operating on the system! You must admit that it perfectly shows how much the users appreciate and trust the brand.

Our congratulations to Teltonika for hitting the next milestone on Wialon Hosting. Thank you for your effective collaboration and prompt technical support. We wish you success, rapid growth, inspiration, and new ideas.

Aleksandr Krupovič

Aleksandr Krupovič,
Teltonika Chief of GPS operational marketing

"Teltonika and Gurtam cooperation counts several years already, there were ups and downs, but for the last 4-5 years, it became very close. We dedicated a few technical support guys to help customers on Gurtam forum. We integrated high value features together, such as tachograph DDD files download and online tacho data reading. We are now working closely with Gurtam developers to integrate upcoming firmware and configuration features for FMB devices on Wialon.

Having great cooperation in cutting edge technologies is always challenging. During the last two years with our new FMB series devices, we've made our solutions easy to understand and easy to use. But this was a great challenge with Gurtam as well to prepare a software solution without any interference. We think that current achievement with 200 000 connected devices to the Wialon platform is a reflection of how fast new project implementation works between two companies.

Teltonika slogan is "Easy Key to IoT," and we understand that IoT is not just hardware, but also the fleet management software. Future cooperation between Gurtam and Teltonika has a key role in creating highly effective solutions which provide our customers more with added value and make the IoT truly easy. We can proudly say that moving forward together will bring us more industry challenges that we are ready to solve together."

Aliaksandr Kuushynau,  Head of Wialon Division

Aliaksandr Kuushynau,
Head of Wialon Division

"Teltonika is our strategic partner that has been topping our hardware manufacturers rating. We celebrated the connection of 100,000 devices in March 2017. February 2019 will go down as a month when the company’s 200,000th tracker was registered in Wialon. Way to go! Collaboration with your company automatically implies professionalism, result-oriented work, and the desire to overcome any obstacles. I am sure that very soon we will celebrate the connection of the 300,000th device."

Aliaksandra Valasiuk
Aliaksandra Valasiuk
Aliaksandra is an HW specialist at Gurtam with vast experience of consulting partners on the hardware, its choice, and configuration peculiarities. She is also responsible for the hardware section on gurtam.com and Gurtam forum.


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