Four day business race: MWCA 2017 and Gurtam Partner Conference in the USA

2 October, 2017
Kirill Yakynin

While the Americas were discussing Irma hurricane, San Francisco felt into a telematics tornado initiated by Gurtam community. There were five of us to whet the appetite before Mobile World Congress Americas, and we were a success at pre-MWCA Gurtam Partner Conference. Let’s have a closer look at two major telematics events in the Northern American continent. 

Pre-MWCA Gurtam Partner Conference 2017

On September 11 Gurtam held the fourth event of that kind in 2017. This year Boston office was strengthened by the Head of Wialon Division Aliaksandr Kuushynau and Chief Gurtam Architect Aliaksei Shchurko, each focusing on his own direction of Gurtam development. 

What’s happening with Wialon today and what the platform will be like in 2018?

How flespi is changing the world of telematics? 

Dozens of partners from across the Americas and beyond heard back on the hottest issues for the moment. And there were not only local companies to share the experience with. The Middle East was also represented by Traklink  one of the leading Gurtam partners in the region.  


We are changing the world and the approach to presentations. Wialon new features presented by Boston sales team in a role-playing manner resulted to be the most engaging action accompanied by live demonstrations and unusual cases. 

Apart from tried-and-tested solutions, like video monitoring module, Beta branch, WiaChat, and the newest functionality in Wialon, Logistics, Google Maps, Locator, we also announced the brand new NimBus designed for passenger transportation tracking. The app has already been released and got its first users and projects. 

Pre-MWCA Partner Conference proved to be mutually beneficial. The community got the insight into Gurtam activities and plans, while we collected some very important feedback on the newest Wialon-based solutions like Wialon mobile appLocator toolSDK, WiaChat and Wialon Hosting itself. Apart from the information acquired from networking, we stood to gain from presentations on the achievements and developments of Gurtam partners for the past year:

  • Assured Tracking presented HOS/ELD solution to make every Wialon unit in the North America instantly compliant with FMCSA ELD mandate.
  • Pod Group provided the analytics on the data connectivity market and forecasted the future of connectivity in GPS tracking and the IoT.
  • Golden M discussed the importance of custom developments and integrations in extending their services, also featuring proprietary custom reports, ERP/CMS integrations, and the new EasyRM solution.   
  • MiFleet presented Wialon-integrated MiChiller app to control temperature for smaller establishments opening new markets for novice companies.  
  • ShadowTrack demonstrated how to achieve better supply chain security and visibility through single shipment tracking.

All the presentations are available at


Inspired by new prospects Wialon community was getting ready to the major MWCA event and that’s how we made it through!

Getting involved in MWCA 2017

Mobile World Congress is gaining momentum everywhere from Barcelona to Shanghai and has recently moved to the USA in cooperation with CTIA. If it carries on like this, MWCA will soon reach the scale of the events held by Gurtam ;). 

The next-generation mobile event was noted by 21 000 attendees from 100 countries, a cutting-edge exhibition, and 39 hours of content in the conference program with more than 200 speakers.  

Software developers, connectivity and hardware providers from among the world leaders came together to share experience and find the inspiration, educate within summits and seminars, and make new contacts throughout a variety of networking events. We've never had as many partners among the participants and this made our cooperation even more fruitful. 

We’ve seen much  telematics and M2M companies actively discussing 4G LTE Cat M1 and 5G networks, IoT public policies, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, yet more we managed to discuss. Watching expatiation about the future, we tried to make our participation meaningful. Gurtam booth received visitors from every business domain to help and to learn from them.


Again, Gurtam team engaged with those actively migrating to Wialon to make the switch fast and seamless. We spent much time to address the issues of cargo thefts accounting for massive losses within the industry and provided multiple solutions to cut them. Demonstrations by Gurtam also included the new video monitoring module in Wialon and temperature control solutions becoming of critical importance. 


The event was truly inspiring for flespi team, as the innovative backend platform by Gurtam arose the tide of interest among booth visitors  seamless interconnection between all types of software and devices seemed to a be a kind of magic.

But there’s more about what we gained

We learned much about the most prospective markets for our hardware partners and consider those as the future for Gurtam geographical expansion. Our team enjoyed their commitment to Gurtam demonstrated by the initiatives to integrate their newest devices with Wialon.

Innovative commercial approaches, telematics data improving project management, emerging business-specific software, like distracted driver solutions, the opportunities to work with LoRa and SigFox networks  now we know this and much more.


Last but not least  focused on the Americas, Gurtam follows the news on ELD mandate implementation and feels how every part of the community is interested in it. With the support of Assured Tracking, we became ready for December 2017 and day by day ensure the readiness of Wialon community. 

Possessing the data on the rapidly changing markets with mergers, team restructurings, and new challenges, Gurtam is more than ready for 2018 opening major opportunities and posing new threats. But to succeed we should be united.


For that reason, Gurtam calls together partners to bring our presence at MWCA 2018 in Los Angeles to the fore. We are now initiating an ambitious project – a large-scale booth of 2500 feet where 10 Gurtam partners from the various business domains will get a fully equipped display area while MWCA visitors – your clients – will find all the answers in one place. Want to know more about the extraordinary project? E-mail us at and become the part of Gurtam Pavilion! 

See you at MWCA 2018!

Kirill Yakynin
Kirill Yakynin
Kirill is the Brand Manager at Gurtam. He maintains brand integrity across all the company’s marketing initiatives and communications and ensures that Gurtam products resonate with current and potential customers.


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