New training course on Wialon: platform basics

3 November, 2021
Alena Kashkevich

We always strive to provide partners with the best educational materials to help their employees learn to use Wialon. Our YouTube channel is full of tutorials. Another source of knowledge is the Wialon help center, where you can find almost any information about the system. Our team did not stop there and created a new course on the Wialon basics, which allows the trainees, in comfort, to learn how to work with the platform.

Why send employees to a new training course

An experienced integrator has probably already scrolled to the part with the information on the access to the course.

If you started working with Wialon not so long ago, stop in this section for a while. Here is what the platform training brings to your company:

  • Improved service quality. Employees will be able to work faster and more efficiently with Wialon, and rationally use the system's capabilities. It will help quickly solve customers’ problems and provide services at a higher level.
  • Increased competitiveness in the market. Good knowledge of the system is a serious competitive advantage for a partner. Wialon is a universal IoT platform that our partners can use in a wide variety of projects and industries. The scale of solutions that you can provide to your clients depends on you. The projects submitted to the IoT project of the year competition prove it.
  • Help with meeting customer requirements. After analyzing the projects submitted for the IoT project of the year 2021 competition, we noticed a trend: apart from the solution, customers need additional resources and services such as technical support or project documentation. That is why you have to educate your employees so that they could help you cover the clients’ needs.
  • Increased performance of all departments. Apart from technical departments, marketing and sales specialists can also benefit from studying Wialon. A basic understanding of the system helps them better promote solutions to clients.

The contents of the course


The new course is available upon request on the training portal

The new course is not just a collection of articles. It's an engaging narrative with examples, illustrations, questions, and videos. The course consists of 3 lessons with practical tasks. Our trainers check how trainees cope with these tasks. We also provide a fourth online lesson upon request. In this additional session, a student can ask questions and discuss with the Wialon training specialists the tasks and topics that caused difficulties or were not included in the course.


Some topics are accompanied by video tutorials

After finishing all the lessons and completing the practical tasks, the student gains access to the final test. After having passed the test, the employee gets the certificate.

Who is this course for


The exercises help understand the topic

We have created the course for partners’ new employees who have already passed the probation period. The new educational program will also suit the specialists who have previously studied Wialon but would like to systematize their knowledge. Please note: the course doesn’t provide extensive knowledge of the system but helps learn the platform basics. If you need an in-depth study of some topics, you can contact our trainers and ask them for an online session.

Benefits of the course

Test questions

Questions after the modules help make sure that you have learned the topic

  • Convenience. Trainees can study by themselves at any convenient time. However, to learn more effectively, you still need to keep up a certain pace. Therefore, we limited the time for completing one lesson to a week.
  • Trainers’ support. The course is self-study-oriented, but the Wialon training team won’t leave the trainees all alone. Our trainers will check the completed practical tasks and answer questions throughout the course.
  • A quick dive into the system. The course is perfect for employees who need to develop a basic understanding of the platform quickly.
  • Сertificate in Wialon. After completing the course, trainees (again, at any convenient time) take a test and receive a certificate confirming their knowledge of Wialon at the basic level.


The theory is accompanied by practical examples of Wialon use

How to get access to the new course

The course is available for all the Wialon partners’ employees who have passed the probation period. To gain access, you need to:

  1. add trainees to the list of employees in the partner account at;
  2. for employees: register on the training portal using the email specified at;
  3. send a request to with the login used when registered on the training portal.

If you still do not have access to, please contact your personal manager at Gurtam. We strongly recommend that you do this: the partner's personal account is a valuable source of information where you can find many useful materials and documents, as well as the freshest Wialon-related news.

Oleg Zharkovsky

Oleg Zharkovsky,
Wialon Trainers Team Lead

“Self-education has become a strong trend in recent years. So, we developed a new course on Wialon with this tendency in mind. Now, trainees can study the platform on their own at home or in the office through ready-made, carefully prepared texts and videos. The main thing is that they can study at any suitable time, albeit with a limited lesson duration. This course format is more convenient in today’s world. At the same time, our training team isn’t going to stay on the sidelines. We won’t only help acquire knowledge but will also check and confirm its quality.

By the way, we are waiting for your feedback on the course. What materials were the most helpful? Was anything missing in your opinion? We will certainly take into account the fair points and consider the proposed ideas. Feel free to send your comments and suggestions to"

Useful materials for learning

The opportunity to study the new course is good, but it’s even better to use all the available sources for employee training. Let us remind you about other ways to get knowledge about Wialon:

Please note: in the Wialon help center you can find a section called Miscellaneous, where we regularly add articles not only on Wialon Hosting but also on Wialon Local and niche applications. These materials go beyond the documentation and clarify frequently asked questions, explain situations that partners often face.

There are already 2 articles on fuel control. For example, you can learn how to get rid of false fuel thefts.

A memo about working with the system will streamline the work of the Wialon Local administrators.

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Alena Kashkevich
Alena Kashkevich
Alena is a Senior Copywriter at Gurtam. Her posts are always packed with data and real-life examples that Wialon partners can put straight into action.


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