Gurtam at GITEX Global 2020: telematics solutions and hardware popular in the Middle East

5 December, 2020
Alena Kashkevich

You probably already know that Gurtam takes part in GITEX Global 2020, the leading global tech event of the year. On December 6, the Dubai World Trade Centre will open its doors for tech-savvy exhibitors and visitors searching for top-notch IoT solutions from all over the world. 

Before the most exciting part starts, we would like to allow you to take a little glimpse of the backstage. You will learn what hardware is in demand in the MENA region and what solutions the participants of the IoT zone are going to present at the exhibition.


Galileosky, a leading Russian developer and manufacturer of advanced GPS hardware, has recently started to conquer the MENA’s telematics market. The company will introduce its feature-rich GPS tracker for advanced fleet management, Galileosky 7x, at GITEX Global. This cutting-edge device is flexible in use and can be applied in various fields as it allows pulling data from two CAN-buses simultaneously. The tracker can be used in the oil and gas industries to control complicated and expensive equipment. It also suits for monitoring transport with refrigerator units, agricultural machines, construction equipment, etc. 

Galileosky 7x tracker

Galileosky 7x tracker

By the way, Galileosky 7x helped our partners avoid the installation of additional hardware for a car-sharing service. 

Key capabilities of Galileosky 7x:

  • Easy Logic technology;
  • CAN Scanner tool;
  • Eco Driving functionality;
  • offline Exigner Driver App support;
  • polygonal geofences, and more.


Navtelecom is also new to the Middle-eastern telematics market. The company is going to exhibit the flagship tracking devices – SMART S-242X, and SMART S-243X. These trackers can be used in transportation, agriculture, public transport, fleet management, etc. Both trackers work with all types of fuel sensors. SMART S-242X is compatible with CAN-bus readers (including ELM327), temperature sensors (wired and wireless), and Bluetooth headset.

Key features of SMART S-242X (EASY version)

  • Built-in sensitive GPS/GLONASS- and GSM-antennas;
  • Power protection and input lines protection up to 200V;
  • 2G modem;
  • 1 SIM-card;
  • 3 universal input lines;
  • 2 control output lines;
  • Bluetooth 4.0.

SMART S-243X works with refrigeration units, tachographs, tire pressure sensors, ridership counters, etc.

SMART S-242X tracker by Navtelecom

SMART S-242X tracker by Navtelecom

Key features of SMART S-243X (HIT version)

  • Built-in sensitive GPS/GLONASS- and GSM-antennas;
  • Built-in battery 110 mA/h;
  • Power protection up to 500V and input line protection up to 350V;
  • 2G modem;
  • 1 SIM-card;
  • 3 universal input lines;
  • 2 control output lines;
  • Interfaces: RS-232, RS-485, and 1-Wire;
  • MODBUS support;
  • Bluetooth 4.0.

To check out other versions of the mentioned trackers, you can visit the Navtelecom website.

The company will also present their new 4G devices, SMART S-4477 and SIGNAL S-4651, that are identical to the trackers mentioned above and support Wi-Fi and LTE.

Navtelecom has one more solution to show at GITEX global. It’s SIGNAL S-265X, a device supporting operations with a camera, information boards. It also has the auto-informer function with geofencing. Some devices are equipped with a 3G modem, have two CAN interfaces, and two SIM card slots.


Streamax is the creator of the school bus tracking (VTMS) system. The company is also well-known for ADKIT V1.0. It’s an AI computing center for ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistant System) and DSM (Driver Status Monitoring) system. The system warns a dispatcher when a driver is tired or distracted, leaves the lane, talks on the phone or smokes during driving, when a vehicle moves without a driver, etc. 

The features of school bus tracking system: 

  • Students get on/off bus management (students swipe ID card when they get on/off the bus);

  • Reminder feature (sound alarm triggers after the bus ignition is off to remind a driver to check if any students were left inside a bus);

  • Passenger counting system (counts the numbers of students who get on and get off the bus);

  • Mobile DVR video surveillance (parents can see what is happening on the bus anytime).

Key elements of the driver control system by Streamax

Key elements of the driver control system by Streamax

Main components of ADKIT V1.0:

  •  Built-in AI computing center;
  •  ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance System);
  •  DSM (Driver Status Monitoring);
  •  R-Watch (Driver Alert Device);
  •  MP3 Audio Alert.

During GITEX 2020, Streamax will present:

Dual lens ADAS, a new advanced driver assistant system focused on monitoring vehicles from different distances.

The Whole Taxi Solution, a complex solution implementing the AI technology for driver identification, passenger counting, mask detection to empower the taxi operation.

Temperature Panel, the AI temperature panel for temperature scanning and face identification.


Escort is the Russian group of companies that develops and produces checking equipment for GPS transport monitoring. The middle-eastern bestsellers by this company are the TD-150 fuel level sensor and TD-BLE wireless. 

Main features of TD-150:

  • Explosion-proof;
  • Safe to use in an explosive environment as confirmed by the OExiallBT6 X certificate;
  • Digital RS-485, (frequency and analog); 
  • The length of the measuring tubes of the sensor can vary from 15cm to 6m;
  • The fuel level sensor is easy to configure and connect to various GPS tracking devices and systems.

Escort TD-BLE is the first wireless capacitive fuel level sensor on the market with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. It’s one of the devices that Escort is bringing to Gitex Global. Thanks to wireless technology, the risks of vandalism are eliminated.

Escort TD-BLE sensor

Escort TD-BLE sensor

More advantages of TD-BLE:

  •  7 years of continuous operation from just one battery (Bluetooth 4.0 technology with the low-energy feature), 

  • new airtight shockproof and explosion-proof protection. 

  • It’s possible to set up the configuration via a smartphone.

At the exhibition, Escort is also going to present:

  • DU-BLE, an angle/rotation sensor with Bluetooth Low Energy data transmission for monitoring construction equipment, and more; 

  • TL-BLE, a temperature and luminosity sensor with Bluetooth 4.0 and no wires for monitoring the temperature inside refrigerated trucks, factories, greenhouses, and walk-in fridges; 

  • SOKOL-M, a fully autonomous weather station for agricultural enterprises, weather authorities, construction, and development sectors;

  • TD-Online, a device that combines a classic capacitive fuel level sensor and a GPS/GLONASS/GSM unit in a single housing.


Sygic is taking its regional bestseller to Dubai – Professional Navigation. It’s an offline turn-by-turn navigation app, ready for integration into any fleet management system and configurable for any large-scale deployment.

Peculiarities of Professional Navigation:

  • Intuitive user interface;

  • compatible and certified with popular professional hardware providers;

  • offline navigation;

  • Premium quality maps (all countries with infrastructure and available signal for GPS navigation).

  • Available in 40 languages;

  • Supports different routing options (according to the vehicle type or special requirements);

  • Truck Connected Navigation (the first-ever GPS Navigation connected with vehicle infotainment comes with truck routing & SDK for professional drivers).

Navigation for fleets by Sygic

Navigation for fleets by Sygic

Other products that Sygic is taking to GITEX Global: 

  • Driver Scoring is an easy-to-integrate SDK with no additional hardware needed providing complex driving style assessment and active driver assistance for fleets.

  • Maps & navigation, an SDK with full offline functionality providing maps, navigation, and routing for mobile projects.


Mielta is an experienced software and hardware provider. The company’s Zond fuel sensor and M1 satellite tracker have earned recognition in the MENA region. M1 is small and easy to use. The tracker can effectively work both from the vehicle’s on-board network and the USB connector. Mielta M1 is available in 2 versions: with or without battery.

The peculiarities of M1:

  • built-in antennas (GPS, GSM, Bluetooth); 
  • 1 SIM card;
  •  two universal ports;
  • an integrated accelerometer;
  • a minimum number of connecting wires;
  • Up to 16 digital sensors can be connected.

Advantages of Mielta Zond fuel sensor:

  • a high-tech measuring device of a new generation:
  • an innovative component base and reliable construction;
  • well-isolated power supply;
  • protection against reverse polarity and voltage drops and a self-resetting fuse.

Melta Zond fuel sensor

Melta Zond fuel sensor

The company is taking several products to the exhibition:

  • Mielta Fantom. It’s a wireless fuel level sensor with wireless connection Bluetooth Low Energy v5.0, high-precision integrated capacitive meter, built-in accelerometer, built-in 8 MB Flash memory, an adaptive energy-saving system, mobile configurator (Android and iOS), and storage in the sensor`s memory of the taring chart.

  • Mielta M7 Tracker and its Pro version. These sensors are equipped with an anti-vandal case with connector, external and internal GPS/GLONASS antennas, RS-485, RS-232, 1-Wire, CAN, OBDII, FMS, ISOBUS, reading up to 8 CAN parameters simultaneously, and Bluetooth 3.0. Mielta M7 Pro Tracker also has RS-485, 2xCAN, reading up to 16 CAN parameters simultaneously, and Bluetooth 4.0.

  • Satellite terminal Mielta M7 with SD-card support, 2 SIM-cards, increased up to 16 Mb «black box» for data storage, four universal ports, voice communication, wireless sensors support.


Mechatronics’s Axle load sensor Eurosens DPS A/RS/CAN for air spring suspension makes a substantial share of the company’s sales in the Middle East. This sensor converts the air pressure in the air suspension line to the output voltage or digital messages via serial RS485 or automotive CAN bus J1939 protocol. 

Advantages of Eurosens DPS A/RS/CAN:

  • The thin-film bridge as the pressure transducer;

  •  Eurosens DPS A is a basic version with 0-5 V analog output;

  •  Eurosens DPS RS and DPS CAN contain smart CPU to add extra features;

  •  Networking support. You can connect several sensors to a single GPS tracker using RS485 or CAN bus interface. 

  • Built-in calibration tables and calculation of axle load in kilograms onboard. Up to 3 calibration tables per 1 sensor (important when one sensor calculates three-axle loads) 

  • Software filtering and smart data processing. 

Wireless tilt angle sensor, Eurosens DPS A/RS/CAN, is extremely popular in the region. Measures the angular position of parts and mechanisms relative to the gravity vector and transmits this data over a 2.4 GHz radio channel.

Eurosens DPS CAN

Eurosens DPS CAN

Main features of Eurosens Degree Bt:

  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE);
  • The sensor is self-powered from a built-in battery;
  • The sensor measures three angles of axis X, Y, Z. Each axis can be assigned with the limit value;
  • Temperature measurement;
  • Customized sleep mode;
  • Sensor with internal memory;
  • Can work as a stand-alone device without a GPS tracker;  
  • Android software for sensor customization and journal review.

Solutions by Mechatronics at GITEX Global:

  • Wireless fuel level sensor Eurosens Dominator Bt and universal fuel monitoring adapters Eurosens Dock (for cars/vans) / Eurosens Dash (trucks/buses/special machinery);

  • Smart axle load sensors DDS and a strain load sensor Eurosens DSS for high-accuracy applications;

  • Long-range wireless Eurosens DTS RF temperature/humidity sensors for refrigeration trucks;

  • Productivity rate monitoring of special machinery or trucks;

  • Eurosens MWS – a universal radar sensor for monitoring substances like water, milk, acids, oil.

Feel free to contact these companies if you have any questions about their products. Don’t forget to sign up for our blog to get more news about GITEX Global 2020 and Gurtam.

Alena Kashkevich
Alena Kashkevich
Alena is a Senior Copywriter at Gurtam. Her posts are always packed with data and real-life examples that Wialon partners can put straight into action.


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