Update: what’s new in April 2019?

16 May, 2019
Olga Voytikhovich

In April, we worked on reports for web-version of the platform and Fleetrun, the app for maintenance control. We also enhanced NimBus. The details are below.

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Tooltip in reports

Previously, it was not always clear why the OK button was remaining inactive when you tried to build a report or add a new table. Now, with a tooltip above an exclamation point right next to an inactive OK button, the system will let you know what is wrong and what you need to do to finish the task successfully.

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Map search field relocation 

For users’ convenience, we transferred the map search field to the map itself. Besides, we changed the dialog of the map layers switching on/off, making this dialog more understandable. Instead of icons, you will see a dropdown list with the layers’ titles. 

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Heat map in reports

We added the “Heat map” setting in reports by unit or group of units. Thus, parkings, speedings, and trips clusters of the entire fleet or just one unit can be identified visually after building a report.

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For example, if your client owns the food delivery business, with a Heat map you will see which area of the city has the biggest number of deliveries. 

The map color changes from blue (minimum) to red (maximum).

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New chart rendering 

You can set up the maximum interval between messages on the “Advanced” tab in “Unit properties.” If this interval is exceeded, it means the connection was lost. Now, in this case, the solid line of the chart turns into a dashed line so the user can see when the data was not delivered, and it is impossible to know exactly what was going on with the unit.

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Find the details on Wialon Hosting new developments on our forum.


New languages of the interface

In April, we added two new languages, Croatian and German. Today their total number is 13:

  • Portuguese;
  • Bulgarian;
  • Croatian;
  • English;
  • Estonian;
  • Finnish;
  • French;
  • German;
  • Romanian;
  • Russian;
  • Spanish;
  • Ukrainian;
  • Slovak.

It is worth reminding that the translation of the interface into a new language is performed through the efforts of our partners, which we appreciate a lot. You can submit your request for translation at support@gurtam.com. Then NimBus will appear in your language too.

New units tooltips

Now, on the “Online” tab, you can permanently see the names of units. In the upper right corner of the window, there is the “Show/hide unit name” button that is inactive by default. Press it to activate the option. It is relevant both for a linear scheme and a map. 

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Wialon Hosting

Besides, we redesigned the tooltip itself – now, it shows ETA and the name of the next stop. 

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All the details are as always on our forum.


Sending the report to e-mail

Many of our partners have been waiting for this functionality. Now, you can send any report to e-mail. It will allow getting key information on the fleet without the need to launch the application. Set up this option in Administration panel on the “Reports to e-mail” tab. Reports are attached to e-mails.

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New opportunities for reports

Previously, it was possible to build a report on closed services only. Now, you can do it on upcoming, overdue, rejected services, and services in progress (in other words on any service status).

For example, you want to build the report on upcoming services for your buses and microbuses. To do so, select the “By unit type” report type, upcoming status, and “Bus” and “Microbus” elements. The system will show all corresponding services that are currently existing in the fleet.

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One more useful feature is that now you can group the report data by interval, unit type, and unit. It means you can visually compare how much you spend on intervals or vehicles of different types. The similar grouping is available in the exported file of the report.

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Go to this topic of Gurtam forum to learn all the details.

This is all so far. In a month, we will prepare the review of May features. Meanwhile, try and test new functionality of the platform and apps and leave your comments in the usual place.

Olga Voytikhovich
Olga Voytikhovich
Olga is a content editor at Gurtam. She proofreads and reviews other authors' materials, also writes about Gurtam products, presents partner use cases in the best way possible, and tells about the system updates. In fact, Olga helps out with the content of almost all Gurtam resources.


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