Updates: what’s new in Wialon in April and May 2023

12 June, 2023
Alena Kalionava

We are delighted to share the latest Wialon updates introduced to the system in April and May 2023. This issue highlights the enhancements in video, Wialon app for Android/iOS, Routing tool, CMS, and other aspects of the system.

Video in Wialon

Unit groups

We’ve added an opportunity to create unit groups in the Video tab. Now, the user will be able to switch to the group monitoring mode by clicking on the corresponding button in the Live stream and Files tabs. This will enhance the navigation experience within the section and streamline video telematics with Wialon.

Switching to the group monitoring modeSwitching to the group view

Video loading statuses

After clicking on the playback icon in the Live stream or ‎Playback tabs, the loading of the recording or live stream starts. This process can be quite lengthy. Now, throughout this time, the system will inform you of the loading status. Thus, the user will have no doubts that everything works correctly and that the recording or live stream actually are being loaded.

Track playback for saved video files

We have introduced a new Map widget in the Files and Playback tabs. With this feature, you can play the track of the moving unit on the map while watching saved video from the cameras. Now users can effortlessly determine the unit's location at any given moment during the file analysis.

Track playback for saved video files

To open the Map, simply click on the corresponding icon

Wialon app for Android and iOS

Changing the unit icon

To make vehicle tracking easier and enable faster navigation through a large number of units, we have introduced the opportunity to change the vehicle icon directly in the Wialon app. To do this, simply access the unit settings and select "Edit" from the displayed menu. Additionally, you have the option to customize the icon color, with six colors to choose from.

Changing the unit icon Wialon mobile appSelecting a new unit icon in the Wialon app

Unit trace on the map

The mobile app now includes a new feature that helps users better understand the direction of unit movement, enabling more insightful real-time monitoring. As a vehicle moves, a colored line trace follows its path, showcasing the unit's movement based on the last few messages. Users have the option to disable the unit trace in the map settings.

Unit trace on the map

Moving vehicle’s trace

Routing tool

Generating links to routesGenerating a link to the route via the Routing tool

Please note that the route built in Wialon may differ from the route available through the link due to some limitations of the link generation service and the impossibility of sending all the parameters.


Specifying a reason when deleting a unit

We’ve added the option to specify the reason when deleting units in CMS. You can select the reason from the list of predetermined ones or describe it yourself. This update will help you avoid accidental deletion of units, and we will collect information allowing us to eliminate potential problems and improve the quality of the product.

Specifying a reason when deleting a unitThe window that appears when attempting to delete a unit in the CMS

Upgraded table of deleted objects and new criteria for searching in the Trash

Searching the Trash has become more convenient as we’ve added new columns to the table of deleted objects. Now you can easily find an object by its account name, unique ID, phone number, or object type

If an object has multiple phone numbers or unique IDs, the search results will display them separated by commas in the respective columns of the table.

new criteria for searching in the TrashFilter options for searching in the Trash

Updated search in the Batch editing of accounts tool

Previously, the filter drop-down list contained the "Account" criterion, which has now been replaced with "Parent account." This change allows users to quickly locate all subordinate accounts associated with a specified parent account and perform necessary actions, such as assigning a different billing plan or topping up the balance.

Window displayed during batch editing of accountsWindow displayed during batch editing of accounts


Advanced FLS settings and adaptive filtering

To simplify the work with the settings of the fuel level sensors, we divided these settings into basic and advanced ones. If necessary, change only the basic settings, and for advanced settings, use the default values.

Advanced FLS settingsThe line separates the basic and advanced settings in the sensor properties

We also added a new type of filtering — adaptive median filtering. Its algorithm allows you to automatically select the desired degree of filtration based on your tracker data and get more accurate fuel information.

Other improvements

Device names in the drop-down list of the Device type field

Previously, the most frequently used device names were located in a row on the right side of the unit creation window. We have moved them to the drop-down list of the Device type field. Now, the search and selection of the frequently used device types are in one place, which allows users to enter data in the unit creation window more easily.
Device names in the drop-down list of the Device type field

Frequently used devices in the unit creation window

New field validation logic for several forms

We proceed with the large-scale renovation that will allow improving the user experience when filling in various forms in Wialon. This time, we implemented the new validation logic for the fields in the forms for creating and editing the Driver, ‎Passenger, and Trailer sections as well as for creating and editing groups in these sections. This update also affected the forms in the geofence groups tab, the notification creation window, and a custom column in the properties of the table required for building a report template.

The goal of this update is to unify the system behavior when processing errors associated with incorrect data entry. Thus, Wialon will act in the same and understandable way for users, no matter what section of the platform they are in.

Tooltips for the fields in the New sensor window

We have added pop-up tooltips to help users quickly fill in the Sensor type, Validator, and With overflow fields in the General section when creating a new sensor.

Viewing the entered password on the login page

The option to view the entered password helps save time by allowing users to promptly correct any mistakes and effortlessly access their account. From now on, users are able to view the entered password on the login page by clicking on the eye icon. Previously, this option had become available for all the rest of the Wialon forms that require entering a password.

Unified scrolling behavior in report templates

Previously, scrolling in the chart and table settings windows in a report template was displayed in different places: at the top of the window and below by the columns. We’ve made its look and location the same in both windows. Improvements like these help us unify the Wialon UI, making the system behavior more understandable and expected for users.

You've likely already had the opportunity to test the new Wialon features. Just a friendly reminder that you can share your feedback and suggest further improvements on our forum.

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Alena Kalionava
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