Updates: what’s new in January 2020

7 February, 2020
Olga Voytikhovich

January 2020 turned out to be quite a challenging month all around. However, neither the virus outbreak nor floods, fires, and other disasters precluded us from updating Wialon and the flagship apps. Fleetrun now has the interval import option while Hecterra has a new field filtration. Read ahead to learn the details.

Wialon Hosting

Custom fields added to reports

Previously, the custom fields could be shown only in a separate report table.

Now, there’s an option to display the custom field values in the separate columns of various report tables. It is available for custom fields of units, unit groups, drivers, and trailers.

For example, now one can view not only the unit name but also the VIN and the registration plate of the vehicle, or the device’s IMEI, or other data stored in the custom fields by the client. This update helps to get more detailed info about the units in a single table and do it more conveniently. Besides, the feature is required for the correct integration with some third-party platforms.

Wialon Hosting

To add the columns with custom fields to the report, use the table calculator.

There is a special topic where the Gurtam forum users can learn about the new Wialon Hosting features. Get registered if you haven’t done it yet.


Data relevance indicator in the unit tooltip

We added the option for the user to see if the unit is online or the connection was lost a while ago. If the unit stopped sending messages, you can figure it out right away and take the necessary measures.

The information on how long ago the last message with the location was sent is in the unit tooltip. The data relevance is also indicated with the color. Green means that the data is relevant, gray – not relevant.

Wialon Hosting

The user can set the time interval within which the data is considered relevant. By default, this interval is 5 minutes but can be changed on the User settings tab.

Wialon Hosting

The unit tooltip improvement on the Online tab

We added the name of the last visited stop, its number, and the time of the visit to the unit tooltip with the detailed info on the ride. Together with the new data relevance indicator, it will help to understand that there were no skipped stops or at least which stop was the last visited if the vehicle stopped sending messages.

Wialon Hosting

Visit our forum and discover more about NimBus.


Fields filtration by crop

We added the option to filter fields by crop. This filtration is applied not only to the fields on the map but to the list itself too. Note that the user can select a crop only from those that grow in the fields at the moment.

Application example 1: Filtration by crop can help with distributing special vehicles and planning routes for them. On the map, you will see only the needed fields and know where to send the vehicles. Later, the machinery operator will also have this data.

Application example 2: The agronomist can filter the fields by crop to know where and how much of this or that crop grows in the farm area.

Wialon Hosting

Export of the fields filtered by crop

We added the option to export fields with the same crop.

Application example 1: You can filter, export, and hand out only the needed fields to the drone’s operator. Thus, the drone would fly over cornfields, for example, that belong to the specific entity in the holding company.

Application example 2: When only several fields are subject to cadastral registration, you can export them, print, and send this data to the corresponding state authority.

Wialon Hosting

Extra information on the Fields tab

On the Fields tab, we added the total area in hectares. You can view the area of all the fields in the list as well as the fields filtered by any parameter (by name, description, crop, etc.) – the area changes depending on the number of the filtered fields. Thus, it is a quick way to find out how many hectares of, for example, corn grows on the farm.

Wialon Hosting

Quick adding of the current crop

Now, specifying the crop rotation is much easier and faster. Do it with the “Quick adding of crops” option by clicking on the leaf-icon in the list of fields, or the field menu on the map. It is available for the fields without any assigned crop only.

April 1 is the default sowing date for the summer period, while October 1 is the default sowing date for the winter period. Afterward, you can edit these dates on the Crop rotation tab. 

Note that from October 1 through March 31, you can select only a winter crop, and from April 1 through September 30 – only a spring crop.

The new functionality will help reduce the time of entering this data in the system.

Wialon Hosting

Fullscreen mode 

Now the fullscreen mode is available on the Fields tab as well. It makes it easier to take a view of the entire farm or its part, take a screenshot or print the fields you need.

More details on the Hecterra new features are in this topic.


Intervals import

Last month, we added the possibility to import line items to Fleetrun. In January, we keep making life easier for those who keep maintenance records in Excel or work with other solutions but plan on switching to Fleetrun.

Now, you can import intervals from the .csv and .xlsx files.

Wialon Hosting

Mileage and engine hours values

Previously, the mileage and engine hours values in the graphs on the Dashboard were displayed starting from the date when the unit was added to the fleet. Moreover, they were taken into consideration when calculating the service cost starting from this date too. Meanwhile, the period over which the system collects the data on the service cost can be much more extensive than that (here we include the services migrated from Wialon and imported from the file). Thus, the calculation of the 1 kilometer or 1 engine hour cost could be incorrect.

To avoid this, we added the option of pulling the mileage and engine hours values that units had before they were added to the fleet. Using this function, we will get the correct calculation of the 1 kilometer or 1 engine hour cost.

To activate it, go the Administration page – the Fleet settings tab.

Wialon Hosting

Find more details on Fleetrun new features in this forum topic.

In a month, we will prepare a review of February features. Meanwhile, feel free to try and test the new functionality of the platform and apps and leave your comments on the Gurtam forum as well.

Olga Voytikhovich
Olga Voytikhovich
Olga is a content editor at Gurtam. She proofreads and reviews other authors' materials, also writes about Gurtam products, presents partner use cases in the best way possible, and tells about the system updates. In fact, Olga helps out with the content of almost all Gurtam resources.


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