Wialon Video Monitoring: SmartWitness KP1 Review

28 June, 2016
Anna Glonassova

The market of GPS tracking services is constantly expanding and tracking units on the map has already become everyday practice along with fuel level monitoring and accounting reports. Clients are aimed at comprehensive workforce management and control with the possibility to see company resources allocation with their own eyes. Considering the prevalence of high-speed mobile Internet and the reduction in prices for dash cameras we often face the necessity of video features integration into the GPS system

For the purpose of remote video monitoring Gurtam developers integrated SmartWitness KP1 with Wialon system. In this article we’ll throw the light on KP1 testing and practical application. 

All in all the device managed to address the challenge of high traffic consumption when streaming the video and further storage of video data archive due to intelligent approach for video transmission. 

SmartWitness represents a comprehensive system combining dash camera and GPS terminal for remote video surveillance

Basic equipment includes:

  • Dash camera with a frame;
  • External power supply unit;
  • Conductors and fixing hardware set.

Depending on vehicle onboard system there are various types power supply units available. Test set is supplemented with a converter to use it in a passenger car (input voltage range of 10-32 V), additional camera, branded 8Gb SD card and 3G USB modem. 


Modem discreteness is determined by the intention to unitize the use of the device with package offers from various connectivity providers, as video transmission is very traffic-consuming. Most of 3G modems easy suit the body of the device not affecting its compactness. 


KP1 device with USB-extension гигаis also available. It’s used to connect larger 3G or LTE modems. 

Smart Witness is equipped with 2 memory card slots for SD cards of up to 32GB for data storage. That way total non-volatile storage capacity may be extended to 64 GB. 

A special key should be used to access memory cards and a modem. The lock is not so pickproof to prevent any targeted intervention, but it assures that no one is to interfere with the device during operation. 


GPS antenna is incorporated into the device mounting on the windscreen and is not subject to detachment. 

In general, the design and assembly quality satisfy our expectations, except for cables thickness, solid connectors and external power supply unit. To install everything in a vehicle lining system integrator will have to make quite an effort. 

SmartWitness configuration is performed through configuration file created with special software and uploaded to memory card. If a device is already active in Wialon system, you can just remotely send configuration file via “upload_cfg” command. 


 Configuration tool is consistent and user-friendly. A user can set up tracking system server address, configure video quality parameters for primary and secondary cameras and their performance when an event occurs (speed limit violation, accelerometer response or alarm button activation). 

Telematic data transmission function also claims attention: online mode presupposes less frequent message sending (once in 20 seconds, for instance). However DRV files are regularly sent to the server. The files comprise points collected every second. Online messages sending intervals and DRV files sending frequency are determined by the user in advanced unit properties in Wialon system. 


After the data is automatically uploaded from the file, a track attains higher quality and becomes more detailed. 

Снимок экрана от 2016-06-23 16_06_31 

Sometimes satellite signal quality deteriorates which predetermines missing elements of the track. 

Снимок экрана от 2016-06-23 16_19_06 

What is most interesting in SmartWitness is video recording and transmission function. Resulting from its name the device is understood to be intelligent and doesn’t stipulate unconcerned transmission of terabytes of video data. 

Dash camera constantly records the video on the internal memory (automatically replacing old files). Whenever an event is registered (accelerometer threshold value exceeding in case of harsh braking or road traffic accident) KP1 sends several photos for the intervals slightly before and after the event to the server. 

Wialon system determines the time of received photos and automatically sends TCP command for video file downloading to get the video recorded in the interval between the photos. In some time depending on mobile Internet quality Wialon system receives the video file. Video duration depends on system configuration. The size of 10-sec 720p video amounts to 7.5 MB. Access to video files is available right from Wialon system interface (“Messages” tab). 


In case of harsh braking for instance you can assess driving style and find out the real reason of road traffic accident. Moreover in any moment Wialon operator can send a command to download a video footage over the last N-seconds. 


 Depending on memory cards selected and video settings, a command from Wialon system allows to get a video file from archive (the lower quality and the higher storage capacity are, the earlier files are available for downloading). 

That way, Wialon operator can remotely view the events of interest and assess current traffic situation with no need to download hours-long useless video files. 

Via the examples of SmartWitness KP1 Wialon clients can try comprehensive intelligent video monitoring: acquire reliable live information on-the-spot and assess all the benefits of video surveillance. According to our clients, SmartWitness KP1 does a good job! 

In case of high level of interest among our partners our developers are always ready extend the range of supported devices.  

Anna Glonassova
Anna Glonassova
Anna is the jack-of-all-trades in the Gurtam marketing team. She is involved in all activities, from communicating with Wialon partners on social media to streaming live community events.


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