Wialon community reunion 2024 in Mexico City: a fresh take on networking

20 May, 2024
Alena Kalionava

Earlier in April, Mexico City became the gathering spot for the Wialon community reunion. Positioned just before the major regional event, Expo Seguridad México, this reunion served as a vibrant kickoff, bringing together over 200 participants from across Latin America. It was a day dedicated to reconnecting with old industry fellows, welcoming new faces, and deepening partnerships.

A day rich in discussions, networking, and insights

Networking was more than just a buzzword at this year's gathering; it was the event's core. By embracing a less formal and more collaborative approach, we provided numerous opportunities for everyone involved to engage deeply — through dedicated networking sessions, discussions on emerging trends and challenges in fleet management, and casual conversations that sparked potential collaboration. The Wialon team also leveraged the opportunity to share the latest updates, outlining the newest developments and future directions.

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A standout moment of the event was honoring Syscom, our latest milestone partner from Mexico, for connecting the 3,900,000th vehicle to Wialon. Celebrating this significant achievement together with the community was a true joy.

Tatsiana Chubarava Head of Partner Success Team

Tatsiana Chubarava
Head of Partner Success Team

"One of the best things about the Wialon community is how we all come together at events like this to share knowledge, build genuine relationships, and help each other grow. Every conversation and every idea exchanged not only strengthens our connections but also propels businesses to new heights. It's truly inspiring to witness vibrant discussions in action and ideas taking shape."

As the event concluded, the sense of community was stronger than ever, with partners feeling more connected and inspired to explore new opportunities. The momentum continued into the next few days at Expo Seguridad México 2024.

To capture the energy and spirit of this year's event in Mexico, make sure to watch our recap video.

For more snapshots that showcase the memorable moments, check out our photo album.

And, of course, don't miss out on our future partner gatherings. You can still sign up for the Wialon community reunion in São Paulo until May 28, and be sure to watch for the opening of registration for our Dubai event on my.wialon.com!

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Alena Kalionava
Alena Kalionava
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