3,900,000th vehicle connected in Mexico

3 May, 2024
Elizaveta Guliaeva

In April, Wialon reached a milestone of 3,900,000 vehicles connected to the platform, with more than 100,000 new vehicles added in just a few months. If the previous milestone connection occurred in India, this time, it happened in the opposite part of the world, in Mexico, with the company Syscom becoming our newest anniversary partner. 

Mexican company Syscom is one of the main providers of electronic communication as well as security equipment and systems in North and South America. It offers an extensive selection of hardware, ranging from GPS devices to equipment for video surveillance, fiber optics, telematics, and automation technologies.

Since becoming a Wialon partner in 2017, Syscom has connected thousands of vehicles to our platform. In 2023, the company achieved the sixth place in the Wialon Top 10 North America ranking. That same year, it made its debut as a co-exhibitor at the Wialon IoT zone at the Expo Seguridad exhibition in Mexico.

The Wialon team congratulated the anniversary partner on their milestone connection during the Wialon community reunion, an exclusive partner event that took place on April 15 in Mexico City. 

Wialon communiity reunion in Mexico, 2024Congratulations to Syscom!

Carlos Wong, Product Manager, Syscom

Carlos Wong
Product Manager

“It is truly an honor to receive this recognition. Being involved in such a significant event fills us with pride and reinforces our commitment to further common growth with our clients and suppliers. Thank you very much!”

Tatsiana Chubarava, Head of Partner Success Team,Wialon

Tatsiana Chubarava
Head of Partner Success Team

“I warmly congratulate Syscom on achieving its new status. We were fortunate to celebrate this milestone together with more than 200 partners at the community reunion. Knowing that every partner presented there played a vital role in achieving the 3.9 million vehicle mark created a profound sense of unity and shared accomplishment. Thank you for these memorable moments!”

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Elizaveta Guliaeva
Elizaveta Guliaeva
Elizaveta is a Content Marketer at Wialon. She shares the latest company news with the Wialon community and creates useful marketing materials showing the best Wialon features for different business niches.


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