What's new in Wialon: development roadmap

27 May, 2024
Aliaksandra Hancharova

The fleet management industry is rapidly evolving and requires the use of new technologies and process automation like never before. To help telematics service providers successfully adapt to changing conditions and provide their clients with effective solutions, we are actively working on improving Wialon. In today's article, we will share some of the directions that the development team is currently focusing on. So, let's get started!

Battery level control for electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are quickly gaining market share, and we aim to support these technologies within Wialon. We will start with functionality that allows the battery level control. This is one of the first steps towards enabling the tracking of electric vehicle performance in the system and analyzing its metrics.

Simplifying work with events

The importance of timely and clear communication in the fleet management industry can hardly be overestimated. This year, we plan to simplify work with events based on notifications, which will increase the efficiency of dispatch activities. The ability to work with notification history will appear soon, as will several additional tools for responding to events of high importance for a fleet. These solutions will allow users to respond to incidents and other events faster without wasting time registering these details through external tools.

Hardware health check system

Our partners often face the challenge of promptly detecting and preventing issues with trackers and sensors. Typically, problems can only be identified after the device stops transmitting data, which is too late. A hardware health check system would provide information on the status of devices before a malfunction affects fleet operations. That’s why we are considering the possibility of creating additional functionality that would analyze deviations from devices’ expected behavior. In this way, users will be able to react to changes in device operation in a timely manner.

The functionality of automatically creating popular sensors will be very useful for new Wialon users at the initial stage of working with the system. It will allow them to get information about what sensors are most often created for a particular device, create them faster, and thus fully utilize the available capabilities and device data. For this purpose, using machine learning, we have developed a recommendation system that automatically suggests sensor settings based on the data coming from the tracker.

Tracks in the Wialon mobile application

We are currently considering adding the track control functionality to the mobile application along with the ability to obtain detailed information about the unit at each point of the track (its speed, time, etc.). This will allow users of the mobile application to conveniently control the movements of their connected vehicles and promptly make decisions based on the received data.

User experience improvements

This year, we will also dedicate considerable time to improving the user experience when working with reports and notifications: we will improve the UI/UX in the dialogs for creating notifications, thus expanding the control options. As for reports, working with them will become more transparent and unambiguous.

We value your feedback and plan to improve the process of collecting it. We are also working on improving the way we inform you about new features in Wialon. Another important research area for us in 2024 is the implementation of AI in the Help Center. We will share further details as they become available.

In conclusion, we would like to emphasize that our team continues to closely follow the latest technological advancements in fleet management and integrate them into Wialon wherever possible. As always, striving for innovations and user experience improvement remains the center of our attention. We hope that the enhancements in these areas will help Wialon partners optimize their clients' current business processes and increase the efficiency of their fleets.

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Aliaksandra Hancharova
Aliaksandra Hancharova
Aliaksandra Hancharova is the Head of Product at Wialon. She oversees the product strategy development and ensures effective and synchronized collaboration between product teams. She also communicates with partners regarding implemented and planned product changes.


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