Location: Brazil. Wialon passed 3,600,000 units

26 June, 2023
Elizaveta Guliaeva

Three months after we celebrated the milestone of 3,500,000 units tracked by Wialon, our partner community has connected another 100,000 vehicles and other assets. The 3,600,000th unit has started sending its parameters to the platform from Brazil where it was connected by Rastreasul, a fleet management service provider.

Let’s meet a new milestone partner

Rastreasul was founded as a small B2C business, in Sao Marcos, Brazil, where it sold and installed trackers specifically for security. Over time, the company shifted its focus to fleet management and became a successful B2B company. The team optimizes the fleet operations of passenger transportation, vehicle testing, logistics, logging and engineering companies. Working mainly in the Rio Grande do Sul state, Rastreasul also has several clients throughout Brazil. 

Rastreasul first learned about Wialon at Exposec 2018. After testing the software demo, the company started to use Wialon for solving its clients’ problems. The first project where Wialon had been integrated was for Marcopolo, a bus body manufacturing company. The client needed a flexible solution for more efficient fleet management and with fine-tuned geofencing capability. Rastreasul provided Wialon, completely satisfying the client. A few months later, Rastreasul added NimBus integration to optimize Marcopolo’s internal routes. 

The project that helped our partner to perform the 3,600,000th Wialon connection was implemented for Rio do Sul, a logging, transportation and civil engineering company. Rio do Sul often operates in remote regions which makes it difficult to constantly monitor the fleet and report about the ongoing work to its customers. The company addressed this problem to Rastreasul, and its team provided a fleet tracking system ensuring transparency at all stages of work. That’s how one of the Rio do Sul’s logging trucks became the anniversary unit connected to Wialon.


Roque Brochetto
Rastreasul Director

“It was surprising for us that our company connected the anniversary vehicle to the Wialon platform. We are constantly working to bring fleet managers solutions making their day-to-day tasks easier, and being a milestone partner is a recognition that we are on the right track. We are happy and proud to be a Brazilian company providing local companies with the best technologies.”

tachTatyana Chubarova
Head of Partner Success Team

“Congratulations to Rastreasul and every Wialon partner on reaching this important peak. Rastreasul really works hard and regularly implements new projects, so getting the milestone partner status was only a matter of time. I wish Roque and his team interesting and large-scale projects in the future, and Wialon will definitely help with their high-quality implementation.”

Where is the Brazilian telematics market now?

Brazil is a promising market in terms of telematics and IoT development in fleet management. The country has the largest vehicle fleet in South America, but fleet owners still need to address security, driver management and fuel control issues. “The market is on the rise. We see many professionals leading the fleet operations looking for advanced solutions to make decisions. Telematics and IoT technologies are the solution for many to run the business efficiently, environmentally friendly and cost-effective,” said Roque Brochetto

In the last few years, dozens of new Brazilian companies have become Wialon partners, and the number of connected vehicles from Brazil is measured in thousands. A week ago, Wialon took part at Exposec in São Paulo where we deployed our iconic IoT zone for the first time. Thanks to this, we’ve seen many new industry players that have ambitious plans for boosting telematics in the country. 

To help Brazilian service providers enter the market more easily and adapt software to internal tasks, the Wialon team is working on product localization. For example, recently we have translated Wialon technical documentation into Portuguese, and there are other materials on the way.

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Elizaveta Guliaeva
Elizaveta Guliaeva
Elizaveta is a Content Marketer at Gurtam. She shares the latest company news with the Wialon community and creates useful marketing materials showing the best Wialon features for different business niches.


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